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Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017
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'Disgusted' Pryor moves merrily along after Ohio State

Former Ohio State quarterback and sport memorabilia magnate Terrelle Pryor was in Tampa this week to watch film and peddle his game before the ever-watchful eyes of that molder of young quarterbacks: Jon Gruden. Shouldn't a seal horn be going off? Ha-OOOOGA. I don't know what's funnier, listening to Pryor explain away his role in the Buckeye mess that rightly led to the resignation of Jim Tressel, that flying fraud, or the notion that Gruden is turning into football's answer to Father Flanagan.
There's no such thing as bad young quarterback. In a sneak preview to another installment of the enjoyable, high energy "Gruden QB Camp" on ESPN, Gruden didn't get much of a chance to ask Pryor about his shenanigans in Columbus - as if Gruden cared about that stuff. If a guy's got a rocket for an arm (not that Pryor does) that would be good enough for Chuckie, or any other former or current NFL coach. I'm fine with that, and with most of the Gruden's TV persona. He's funny and he's smart and he's entertaining. But Gruden had to try and play newsman for a second or two with Pryor. Those were probably orders. ESPN wanted to talk about more than X's and O's with Pryor, and declined to do the interview when Pryor puppet master Drew Rosenhaus refused to let his client be asked questions about his selling his Ohio State memorabilia. Of course, the QB camp taping went on. So much for ESPN and the principle of the thing. I guess it's enough to know that when the world ends, Ed Werder will have it 11 minutes before the world does, the small comfort being that none of us will have to listen to Chris Berman at the U.S. Open golf anymore. Anyhow, Jonny G did what he could with Terrelle P, just as he unknowingly denuded Auburn quarterback Cam Newton by asking him to name a single play from the defending national cheater champion's playbook. We're still waiting for Cam the Man to come up with one - classic. And now to Gruden and Pryor. Grudes: "How did all this happen?" T-Peezy: "Pretty much me just making mistakes, you know, and especially losing a great coach to this great university, it was just a disaster. I'm very sorry, but at the same time I have to move on because I have a life to live. I'm disgusted on what really went down and what had to happen to the university. "I regret the fact that Coach Tressel had to leave and I regret the fact that I had to leave. I just wish I could still be there with my teammates. But I'm trying to get used to it and trying to move on." How very moving. How very revealing. I think college football players should be paid. Let's make that clear. I think the cover-up, by Tressel, by Pryor, was worse than their crimes. But I think Terrelle Pryor is a liar and a cheat who didn't give a damn about his teammates, and what could happen to them or their team or their program if he was caught. Now he gets on with his life. He's disgusted with what went on? He should be disgusted with what he did. He helped make this disaster. He knew the rules, silly as some of them were, and he violated them. A lot. Not everyone does, by the way. He knew that what he was doing endangered his "great university" and "great coach." He didn't care. And neither will the NFL, provided he is good enough, which is a real question mark. Then again, Jon Gruden is on the case. He'll break Pryor down and work with him and it doesn't matter how much the kid cheated and lied. The NFL is a factory and if Pryor can handle the work, if he has the talent ... well, look at Reggie Bush. By the way, if I'm Reggie Bush, and I see Ohio State, and Pryor, I'm asking for my Heisman back. Do you think Terrelle Pryor is even remotely sorry for what happened in Columbus? Tressel is a big boy, a grown man, albeit an unethical one, and he got what he deserved. I have more of a problem with him than with Pryor. But I still have one with this kid. Don't ever try to tell me he overcame anything to make it in the NFL. He made his bed. Now he has to lie in it. Granted, Gruden and ESPN will doubtless fluff his pillow some.
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