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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: ‘String of misinformation’

‘String of misinformation’

I attended the Heritage Action Town Hall meeting with former Sen. Jim DeMint on Aug. 21. I was looking for something constructive and enlightened but did not find it. Its purpose was to gin up support in the conservative base to encourage members of Congress to defund Obamacare. DeMint actually fed the audience a string of misinformation.

He consistently implied that the Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine and compared it to Cuba, England and Canada, where the government is the insurer. ACA is not socialized medicine. Obamacare does not insure people. The same health insurance companies that insure many of us through our employers will be offering a variety of health plans in the health-care market place or exchanges to 25 million uninsured individuals and small businesses. There will be multiple plans to choose from. That is choice!

Scare tactics and lies were liberally dished out to an audience that sucked up and believed every word delivered. Many people are already benefiting from the ACA: $1.1 billion was refunded to insured policy holders by their insurance company for not meeting the 80/20 rule; 105 million people have received free preventive care such as mammograms and vaccinations; and 3.1 million young adults remain on their parents’ plans, including 224,000 in Florida. Go to www.healthcare.gov for facts, not lies, distortions and misinformation.

Ione Townsend

Plant City

Inform with facts

I attended the protest outside the Heritage Action Town Hall hosted by former Sen. Jim DeMint. I was shocked to hear one of the attendees say Obamacare calls for a microchip implantation in all Americans by 2017. How can people be so misinformed? I think it’s way past time for the media to end the he said/she said journalism and start informing people of the facts. Obamacare is nothing more than an effort to bring more of the uninsured into the same for-profit health-care system.

Don’t worry; corporate America still rules supreme.

Susan Smith


Where is outrage?

Christopher Lane came to the United States from Australia to get a college education. He was here on an academic scholarship and was a baseball player at East Central University in Oklahoma. He was shot dead for no reason by three youths because they wanted to see someone die.

Three teenagers, one white and two black, were arrested and have been charged with murder in Lane’s death. It is a sad tragedy for the family and friends of Christopher Lane.

Where is the outrage over Lane’s death for this wanton act of murder? Where is the outrage of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton? Will those two race-baiting clergymen show up at the trial to support the alleged murderers and protest that their prosecution is a sham of an unjust legal system? Or will they just let the judicial system prevail?

Ira Ratner


End price gouging

News reports say Citizens Property Insurance Corp. will raise rates again, despite the fact that Citizens already charges three times the national average for insurance. It is now time to put an end to Citizens’ price gouging by constitutional amendment.

If the state Legislature actually represented the people of Florida, over-charging to the level of extortion by Citizens would have been stopped years ago. However, as everyone knows, our state legislators are nothing but lackeys for big insurance, and the price gouging by Citizens will continue .

It therefore looks like the only way for the hurricane-lashed property owners of this state to have reasonable insurance rates is a constitutional amendment that would not allow Citizens to ever charge more than the national average for insurance.

Bob Snow


Pacifier for Rubio

Regarding “Rubio avoids confrontations over Obamacare” (front page, Aug. 21) tells only part of the story. The truth is Sen. Marco Rubio is avoiding answering the question on S. 744 and why he joined the “Gang of 8” to cook up such a flawed immigration bill.

Even though he said the recess was for members of Congress to go home and “have to confront the people that elected them …,” I guess that statement does not apply to him.

Rubio is acting like a mischievous little child who disobeyed his parents and is hiding under his bed. I would suggest that Florida voters give him a pacifier instead of their vote. Wah! Wah!

Betty Dobson


U.S. in ‘dire peril’

The column by Charles Krauthammer, “Can President Obama really write his own laws?” (Other Views, Aug. 17), should be required reading for every complacent voter in the United States.

As the one sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, Obama certainly chooses a poor way to do it. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee. The United states as we were brought up to believe in is in dire peril through the actions of the president and the inaction of Congress. Somewhere, somehow there must be a change, or the good old USA as we know it will be history.

William A. Cox


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