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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: U.S. crazy to train Libyan soldiers

Is U.S. loco?

Regarding “U.S. to train thousands of Libyan soldiers” (Nation/World, Nov. 19): Has the United States government gone completely loco? Our nearly bankrupt country is sending the U.S. Army to train Libyan troops to aid in their efforts to restore peace in their country. As a 4-year-old Air Force brat in the 1960s I saw my dad off on a specialized military training class in Illinois. Among his classmates was a young go-getter by the name of Muammar Gaddafi.

Correct me if I am wrong, but did any of the knowledge he gleaned from those classes help eliminate any of the atrocities that has engulfed the Middle East region over the past five decades? Has Israel, our main ally and only democratic nation in that region, gained any security from the lessons we taught him?

Could we not use our money and soldiers to serve a better purpose, such as stabilizing our own country? How many more of our troops will have to look back in shame and regret at another U.S.-trained madman? Wake up Pentagon!

Valerie Isgett

Wesley Chapel

A two-way street

Politics is a two-way street with a median called compromise that both parties have forgotten. The entitlements are out of balance along with a healthcare system that has to be rewritten. The immigration laws are fine if they are enforced along with our borders. The IRS needs to have its own auditors because sending $100 million in tax refunds overseas to the same address is inexcusable. The politicians need to work together instead of campaigning two years before elections. All these little things add up to disaster for both parties

Stephen Burchett


Playing percentages

Wow! The Affordable Care Act may reduce healthcare costs after all. The new goal for the ACA website is for 80 percent of users to be accommodated. If 80 percent is the recognized performance ACA goal, then as a physician, I should be able to practice much more cheaply. If I can be wrong 20 percent of the time I can order far fewer tests. If artificial hips and cardiac pacemakers can acceptably fail 20 percent of the time, and if drugs need only meet 80 percent quality standards, medical product liability will disappear. Of course, I might have to learn to do a little dance and produce a puff of magic smoke, but the care will probably as good as Chief Thundercloud and Peg Leg Sam’s Medicine Show. We can all practice much more cheaply, and healthcare should prove to be very affordable. The only real cost would be traveling to Canada or Europe if you get sick.

Martin Beattie


Zimmerman a menace

Here we go again, with another arrest of George Zimmerman. Whether it’s guilt, remorse or a combination of both — Zimmerman appears to be hell-bent on destroying his own life and maybe even the lives of those around him. After being acquitted of the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, I’m beginning to believe that Zimmerman either has a death wish or wants to spend time in jail. No doubt, lots of folks would like to see him doing time behind bars. And due to threats on his life, it may be easier for Zimmerman to be off the streets and in jail. In his present state of mind, Zimmerman is a menace to society. The best advice his attorney could give him is to get psychological help — before he hurts himself or anyone else.

JoAnn Lee Frank


Change permit law

Zimmerman has had multiple brushes with the law, always involving a firearm. Not only does he have the authority of the permit law, he now also has the stand-your-ground law. Will this recent arrest and continued display of his instability cause the state to pull his concealed carry license? No. Remember we live in Florida, where the gun and those who carry them are valued above all else.

Thousands of people with this permit have behavior and stability problems worse than Zimmerman, but there is no provision in this law that would trigger a second look at the thousands of Zimmermans in Florida. The only answer is the ballot box.

Arthur C. Hayhoe

Wesley Chapel

The writer is executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Inc.

Thanks to jurors

The Dontae Morris jury has spoken. These fine, upstanding people exercised their civic duty and performed an excellent job. Their job was not easy; having to view that horrible video of these two heroes being murdered was extremely painful I’m sure. When Americans stand up and perform their civic duty as these people did, our country stands proud. I know that these two heroes are looking down from heaven and thankful that justice was done. Officer Kocab and Officer Curtis, we will sorely miss you.

Bob Guenthner


Slap in the face

Since when has the issue of health care in this country become so secretive?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has suddenly become a shy member of our government and not nearly as proud as she seemed just a couple of months ago. Why does it take weeks to announce the number of participants? And where is the rest of the information?

Sebelius and her team are afraid to release information. This is a huge slap in the face to all taxpayers. Maybe our government should go back to the way things used to work

Rachel Zaris


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