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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Unionizing college jocks a bad idea

Unionizing jocks

I cannot wait to enjoy college athletics post-unionization. No more hot-shot freshman coming in and displacing older players with more seniority. And that three-point specialist will do just that and no longer infringe upon the duties of the dunk specialist. Sports labor bosses will strong-arm the evil college dean and negotiate contracts that include time-and-a half pay for any game that goes into overtime. I can imagine those same union bosses having rallies in Detroit to celebrate a city that once was and its rebirth through the new source of union dues from child athletes. Extracurricular requests made by management, such as attending academic classes, will have to be submitted two weeks in advance. And as the product become more expensive and less people buy it, we can all just simply enjoy high school sports, that is if you can safely get into the game past the picket lines.

Thomas West

New Port Richey

Misplaced priorities

Regarding “The nightmarish state of college hoops” (Other Views, March 27): Fred McKissack places the responsibility in the gap in black and white graduation rates somewhere north of reality. What he should have said is that students never properly motivated to obtain a formal education by their family, friends or associates often don’t see the value in it — even when it’s served to them on a silver platter. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Failure and admonishment should be directed to those who influenced the child’s values and not society in general. The referenced athletes are offered scholarships that make it financially possible for them to get an education, an opportunity most students must do without. In the final analysis, regardless of the failure of their families and friends, it is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of the great opportunity society has offered them.

Genaro Jerry Garcia


Revenge for Rays

The famous quote, “Living well is the best revenge” comes from the English poet George Herbert and should be a fitting retort to the TBO.com story “Forbes: Rays are MLB’s least valuable team” (March 26). First, any enterprise today in our still-sluggish economy that’s worth $485 million and had an 8 percent increase over last year is extremely impressive by any business standards.

Granted, trying to compare the behemoth annual revenues of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox or the Los Angeles Dodgers to our beloved Tampa Bay Rays isn’t fair, as the Rays are in a lower-tier market and ownership admittedly realizes the need for a new modern facility. However, despite Forbes’ financial analysis that our beloved Rays are Major League Baseball’s least valuable team, they failed to mention that the team posses qualities that transcend the usual bottom line in a financial statement. These are team spirit, quality ownership and the real secret weapon in manager Joe Maddon. So get ready baseball fans, because I predict this season the Rays will bring home a World Series trophy. And that, Forbes magazine, will be our best revenge.

Mike Merino


No laughing matter

Regarding House Speaker John Boehner’s comments about an extension for those enrolling in Obamacare: “Another deadline made meaningless. The administration is now resorting to an honor system to enforce it; what the hell is this? A joke?” No sir, I don’t think it is. The joke is a House and Senate that has done practically nothing in a long time but bicker back and forth and get nothing meaningful done but waste our tax dollars. If you believe these people who are getting an extension are going to be dishonest, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Honor starts with our leaders, and right now that is a joke. But believe me, we’re not laughing. We’re mad.

Gregory W. Davis


Replace Obamacare

The big news is that about 6 million, or less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, signed up for Obamacare. But no news yet on how many have actually paid. How stupid are the pundits who tout this program? Without Obamacare, free Medicaid could have been expended to cover U.S. legal citizens needing health insurance at a fraction of the cost. Legislation could have required no pre-existing condition limitation, children until age 26 on parents’ plans or the other nuances being touted. This would not have required thousands of pages of regulations. Obamacare must be repealed in its entirety and replaced with a simple health care plan of no more than 10 pages so it can be read and understood.

Lou Christodoulou

Apollo Beach

Saluting the VA

The VA appears to be a target of the liberal news media. I am an 82-year-old Korean War vet, and the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital has flat saved my life. My VA primary doctor was suspicious of blood in stool, and tests indicated rectal cancer. Surgery solved it. A six-month checkup indicated lung cancer. Surgery performed. Another six-month follow-up and cancer in my vocal cord. Again, successful surgery. A needed pacemaker and other minor medical problems — all solved by an efficient and caring facility. A hand-salute to a hell of a good hospital.

Norman Anderson (USMC)


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