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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Ungrateful behavior

Ungrateful behavior

Has the government shutdown come to this? Denying WWII vets the chance to visit the memorial in their honor and paying homage to their lost brothers, who sacrificed everything, because of a stubborn Congress and president, who can’t even agree on the time of day?

Thank God these dying breed of American heroes, some using wheelchairs and walkers, were not deterred from their mission. Congress and the president should be ashamed of their ungrateful behavior.

Ray Brown


Standing with majority

To all House members, both Republican and Democrat, who listened to the majority of American people and voted to defund the train wreck law commonly referred to as Obamacare, allow me to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, we have some elected officials who stood with the majority of intelligent Americans who have opposed this monstrosity for the past five years. You’ve heard us and listened. And, as predicted (yawn), Emperor Obama and his puppets have begun whining about those mean-spirited House Republicans and “the far-right faction of the Republican Party (i.e., tea party)” and how the government shutdown is all their fault and, sadly, the ignorant among us will believe him.

Chris Riotto


Speed up elections

The worst thing is not that gridlock has shut down the government but rather that, whenever the government bounces back, it will be run by all the same folks who were supposed to be running it now.

Isn’t there some constitutional path that would allow having the national election next month and not waiting until next year?

Jeff Corydon


Punish them like kids

It is staggering to think that a handful of young, wet-behind-the-ears, tea-party Republicans could successfully shut down the federal government. Many of them were too young to remember the domino-effect repercussions that happened when the government shut down for nearly three weeks in 1995!

However, the blame falls on everyone on Capitol Hill, including the president, and not just with the tea-party Republicans. President Obama should have stepped in long ago to help offer alternatives and suggestions to both parties in both the Senate and the House. The Senate should have offered counter alternatives to the House to help get the budget passed instead of just saying, “No!” and throwing it back to the House. The House should have accepted the fact that a Capitol Hill vote on Obamacare wouldn’t change anything because it was already law.

The implementation of Obamacare should never have been tied to the budget in the first place. It should be a stand-alone item that is “discussed” after the government is allowed to continue to function. Filibustering on the Senate floor for 21 hours and 19 minutes against a program that is already law was just a waste of time that would have been better spent negotiating viable changes to the budget proposal.

Capitol Hill needs a genuine wake-up call. If they are going to continue to act like children, the American public needs to impose a punishment on them as they would their own misbehaving offspring. Take away their allowance for a month or two and see how quickly they end the bickering and come to a resolution.

Gail C. Hartmaier


Blue-state grandstand

I suggest all the red state governors volunteer to temporarily hire all furloughed staff in all the national parks in their respective states in order to keep them open. All states have state parks, so there is nothing new to know about park functions, and all they have to do is tack on a state excise in the admission to cover the cost. The feds won’t take them up on it, of course, because this shutdown is nothing but a blue-state grandstand.

Dan Deuel

Avon Park

Control and power

The inability of Congress and the president to govern in a responsible manner, causing a partial shutdown of some services, is neither tragic nor surprising. The real tragedy is the extent to which that the federal government has involved itself in virtually every aspect of our lives. They are now the deciders on abortion, education, commerce, communications, TV, motion pictures, unemployment, welfare, power generation, water usage and fishing — the list goes on and on. It is the 10th Amendment stood on its head.

They are now trying to gain control of the Internet and what is said from the pulpit. If you think you live in the “Land of the Free,” you better check the regulations that apply to whatever you want to do or say.

George III never dreamed of such control, hence power.

Jack C. Bolen


Reasonable, not radical

“We the people.” Once upon a time those words meant something — that we as Americans were able to voice our opinions, and through our vote, our wishes would be carried out by our elected representatives in Congress.

Boy, have times changed! As a registered Republican since 1978, I have never been more disgusted with our Republican officials in Congress. I guess that is why I have been voting for Democrats lately.

It seems like the more reasonable representatives in Congress are our Democrats — Kathy Castor, for example.

It is time to replace the incumbent Republicans in Washington; they have failed us. However, if we do replace them with other Republicans, let’s make sure that the “R” next to their name stands not for the radical tea party but, rather, “reasonable.”

Al Suarez


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