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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: ‘Travesty of decency’

‘Travesty of decency’

So the American Film Institute is going to present Jane Fonda with the AFI 42nd Life Achievement Award.

She is the daughter of Henry Fonda, a World War II veteran who served three years in the Navy and was awarded the Bronze Star.

I wonder how he would have felt had he lived to see his daughter’s picture sitting behind an anti-aircraft gun with America’s enemies during the Vietnam War.

Or how he would have felt about his daughter aiding the enemy while visiting American POWs who were undergoing brutal treatment at the hands of our enemies.

This award is typical Hollywood. During WWII the majority of actors joined the military to fight our enemies, not provide them with aid and comfort, such as Jane Fonda did.

The majority of today’s Hollywood stars are only heroes in the movies. Most have never served a day in the service of our country.

I hope veterans associations such as The American Legion, VFW and DAV, and ex-Vietnam War POWs, who somehow survived their brutal treatment, will let their voices be heard regarding this travesty of decency.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Save the republic

Washington, D.C., has the highest average income and the highest amount of pensions of any city in the country. This demonstrates that government is not adding to the future of its citizens.

History tells us that republics and democracies last only about 300 years because people vote for goodies they have not earned. We have one political party that is good at spending other people’s money for gain at the ballot box, and another political party that is unable to generate the vigor and tenacity to win elections.

Let us end the mistakes and work toward a new goal. Abolish the Republican Party, the tea party and the Libertarian Party and form a Republic Party, with the dedicated mission to save the republic. Encourage membership from both sides of the aisle.

A free market is the American way. Our way is to provide abundant opportunities for all, and encourage hard work, innovation and inventions, but yet offer temporary help if required. Other countries have the same bad policies that we are currently following, and yet those countries have been the sources of our immigrants.

A New Republic Party, promoting our tremendous reserves of coal, oil and natural gas, and the revenues generated, will build new transportation assets to encourage more growth.

God has once again given us tremendous natural resources in the United States, and all we have to do is change the leadership and the mission.

Dick Artz

Apollo Beachw

Call for revolution

It is past time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

I said “country,” not “party”!

We will use the power our Founding Fathers gave us: the vote.

It is obvious by the voting on such important issues as health care and a government shutdown that each party votes according to their party and not for country.

What they are really saying is they are incapable of an independent opinion.

Our revolution is a call to vote out every incumbent up for re-election, no matter their status or even their history.

It’s time to show this and future Congresses that this country was created by the people and for the people and not some big office, with great health insurance, to sit their butts in and act like pompous, egotistical and arrogant henchmen.

They asked to be elected to serve the people. The only people they seem to be serving are themselves.

Walter Brochhausen



Regarding “Reasonable, not radical” (Your Views, Oct. 4):

Funny how the writer of this letter speaks of being a Republican since 1978, and only two sentences later praises liberal Democrat Kathy Castor.

Now he wants to replace Republicans in Congress with more like her.

Seems to me he wants congressmen and women whose “R” next to their name stands not for “reasonable” but for “RINO,” like the one next to his.

Ed Raburn

Plant City

Dump tea party

If we got out of the war in the Middle East and quit sending money to countries that really hate us, we would have enough money to cover all the costs of Obamacare, take care of our own and have a balanced budget.

I agree — dump the tea party! It’s not my Republican Party anymore, either.

Nora Wilhide

Sun City Center

The real world

Regarding “U.S. government work losing cachet for some” (Nation & World, Oct. 7):

So sorry for Tommy Jackson, who said he and his wife lost $6,000 when they were furloughed for a whole six days each. I guess it would be good for them to move to the private sector where all they would have to worry about would be the loss of government contracts, whereby they would be completely out of a job and they could discover what the real world and today’s economy is all about.

Jerry Syfert


Gubernatorial purge

And so it goes.

Gov. Rick Scott and his contrite administration is going to “back-track and do it again” and conduct another witch hunt for non-citizens.

Only this time, they won’t make the same mistakes — says Secretary of State Ken Detzner. But even if the same mistakes aren’t made, my hunch is that they will make new ones.

No doubt, some innocent citizen(s) will be stripped of their voting rights.

If nothing else, though, the governor is making it easier for Floridians to purge him from office come the gubernatorial election in 2014.

JoAnn Lee Frank


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