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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Titanium backbone

Titanium backbone

If President Obama had anywhere near the titanium backbone of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we would have a lot fewer problems with the massive influx of illegal aliens trying to cross our southern borders and our issues with international communist criminals. Read: Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Kit Werremeyer


Candidate response

Regarding “Gregg in Pasco state House primary” (Our Views, July 29):

My opponent, when he ran for this same office previously, ran as an independent. He ran against (now Congressman) Gus Bilirakis several years ago and was defeated.

I have been a lifelong Republican and now sit as chairman of the Republican Party of Pasco County. We do not need any more flip-floppers in elected office. Our governor’s race reflects the fact that such behavior in no way furthers the Republican or conservative cause.

We need to retake this seat, and I have a proven record of supporting the party and conservative issues. Every resident of Pasco County would be paying a 5-cent-a-gallon additional tax if I and the local party did not take up this issue.

I have faith in the voters of Pasco County that they will make the right decision.

James Mathieu

Port Richey

The writer is a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives, District 36.

Candidate response

Regarding the endorsement of my opponent in the Pinellas County Commission District 6 race: You outlined all the reasons to vote for me: adherence to the term limits 73 percent of voters approved and my opponent’s use of tax dollars to fight term limits in court. My opponent also supports the unnecessary tax increase called Greenlight Pinellas whose real purpose is to transfer money from the poor and middle class to politically well-connected special interests.

My opponent has claimed that he is “100 percent against selling” our land that contains water wellfields in Pasco County. However, the Seminole Beacon reported in February that he was “halfway there” to selling that very same land ... even though “the pit of his stomach” told him not to sell. Which will carry the most weight — his gut or the money?

All I ask is that voters compare my accomplishments and positions with those of my opponent. I am confident voters will make the right choice.

Tom Rask


The writer is a Republican candidate for Pinellas County Commission, District 6.

Space program cuts

Regarding “Cuts to space program leave U.S. adrift” (Douglas MacKinnon, front page, July 29): Who shut down the space program? Even before Barack Obama was elected president, MacKinnon maintains that the candidate reached out from Chicago and twisted the arm of then-President George W. Bush so long and so hard that the poor man just had to cancel the space program. That’s power to be feared!

In the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s, NASA was to develop and build a new rocket, to be called the Constellation, and a new capsule to be fired into space with it. Obama canceled the Constellation project soon after taking office, in one of his first actions to cut the federal budget deficit. The program had expended $13 billion without producing even a first test of the new system. Shall I write that for you?

Now, add that on to the billions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, and God only knows what else in the warped Republican imagination. True, those in Florida may not be so bright, but MacKinnon’s populist attack on Obama is political and aimed straight at Charlie Crist, a man who sees himself in the Obama camp, all in the hope that Your Father Who Art in Tallahassee, Rick Scott, will be re-elected.

The space program cancellation is the product of Republican politics, plus wasted opportunity and tax monies by NASA, which woke up a decade too late.

M. Elior


A well-earned ride

Thanks to Douglas MacKinnon for his informative article about President Obama’s elimination of the space program.

It makes one wonder if President Obama would accept a seat on the next Russian-made and Russian-manned resupply rocket carrying a replacement crew and supplies to the International Space Station. Remember, President Putin has his finger on the launch button.

Not seeing fit to break away from his fundraising tour to visit the southern border, it is unlikely he could tear himself away from the love and adoration of the preplanned photo-op fundraisers for a well-earned ride into space. He might visit with former Sen. John Glenn to hear how much fun it would be.

The eyes of the world would deservedly be on him then, rather than just those of a few disillusioned rich folks and millions of illegal alien voter prospects.

Don Hoyem


Charlie’s web

I love Charlie Crist’s commercial — the one with him bragging that he did this and that and all the good he did for Florida. Did he forget when he was governor he was a Republican? It seems Crist is saying that now that he is running as a Democrat, he won’t be as good as he was before. Oh, my, Charlie, what a tangled web we weave.

Ann Carletti


A proven record

Thank God for our true local gentleman and rational coach, Tony Dungy, who never criticized Michael Sam’s sexual preference.

Unfortunately, the progressive liberal media stirred up all of the distraction.

History shows that the successful coach Dungy, who laid the foundation for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ only Super Bowl trophy and then went on to Indianapolis and nailed his own Lombardi trophy, has a proven, winning track record.

Dale Kimball


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