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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: They should be ashamed

They should be ashamed

All of my life I have voted Democratic, until this last election. Everything I feared would happen has happened; in fact, it is worse than I ever imagined. This country needs to reduce the debt and spend within our means. I am opposed to national health care that makes the situation worse and adds to the pain of American people.

Our leader, President Obama, is not an effective leader. He is not working on behalf of Americans — he has his own agenda. Sen. Harry Reid is helping him gain ground, and that is not the right thing to do for the American people. The Senate is influenced greatly by Reid. If he cannot make a positive difference in the lives of the people he represents, then why does he continue to serve?

This is not political. It is inhumane to not support the families of the young men who lost their lives for this country. The government should be ashamed of this situation. The American people certainly are.

Rita Mockett


Galveston not the answer

Regarding “A better plan” (Your Views, Oct. 9): The writer argues that the Galveston retirement plan is a better option than Social Security. It is true that participants who had higher earnings and fewer or no dependents generally fared better under the Galveston plan, particularly under the near term.

But workers with lower earnings and more dependents do not receive anything approaching the kind of protection they receive under Social Security.

The Galveston plan is a great plan if you have worked under the plan for many years, with high earnings, if you do not die and leave any dependents, if you are not divorced from someone covered in the plan, and if you are not interested in protection against inflation.

The General Accounting Office found that although the Galveston plan provided a better deal over Social Security for middle and higher workers, Social Security was still a better deal for lower-income workers.

Lower-income workers need Social Security benefits, and a Galveston-type plan is not the answer to their financial needs.

Jim Demer


A no-brainer

Regarding “Report’s gaming revenue projections won’t change” (Oct. 8): The authors of the state gambling report “crapped out” in their basic conclusion that expanding gambling would have a modest effect at best on the state’s economy. Tell that to the investors licking their lips waiting to add to or open new hotels on our beaches.

Seminole Hard Rock is very influential in the decision not to compete with their low pay-outs and poor service.

I am sure we would gain a rise in property values with the construction of more hotels and casinos, as well create more jobs, not to mention the extra money for neighboring businesses. Sports venues and national conventions would surely follow — this is a no-brainer. The authors of the state gaming report seem to be trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I can only hope they do not reject the opportunity to improve our value and revenues as Rick Scott did with the bullet train. Can you imagine if we had the train and gambling?

John Mannone


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