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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor: The rule of law

The rule of law Regarding "You have all failed democracy" (Views, Sept. 9): So Amos Miers excoriates Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn in his rant against Tampa's failure to turn our city over to the anarchists. His letter to Buckhorn fails to recognize that the United States is not a democracy. A democracy exists when each individual is free to do whatever one chooses with no consideration for the rights of others. To provoke tension between police and protestors to the detriment of innocent bystanders crosses the fine line between pure democracy and anarchy, which leads to tyranny. How much did such activity cost the state of Wisconsin when protesters had free rein in Madison indulging in their "democracy"? No city wants to risk such turmoil and destruction. It does not solve anything; it only deprives others of their right to freedom. Did you read about Greece recently? Is that what you want here?
Thank you, Mayor Buckhorn, Police Chief Jane Castor and Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee for protecting the constitutional rights of your citizens and their invited guests. I am very grateful to all law enforcement: military, federal, state, county and city. They were exercising the rule of law for our benefit. Peg Tyska Valrico Short memory Another liberal strikes again. Amos Miers' column ridiculing the steps that were taken well show the short memory he has. He questions the police force presence and equates Tampa to a "fully realized police state." It seems Miers has forgotten the rioting that occurred in Minneapolis at the RNC in 2008. The anarchists were out of control simply because there was not enough law enforcement, and the violence bordered on terrorism. Tampa was fortunate in one way that Tropical Storm Isaac caused the RNC to postpone for one day, and the continuing weather threat also kept most lawbreakers away. Anyone who wanted to protest peacefully had nothing to fear from the police presence. The police actually went out of their way to converse and assist protesters. If the extra police presence discouraged anarchists and lawbreakers from showing up and causing millions of dollars in damage, I say "kudos" to Buckhorn and Castor for a wonderful job well done. The only ones Miers has to fear about threats to democracy is the current administration because of all the ammunition federal officials have been purchasing. Charles "Chuck" Salzmann New Port Richey The war's not over Regarding "U.S. increasingly numb to 'Who Cares?' war" (Nation & World, Sept. 9): That story should have been on the front page, not stuck on the back pages. People need to keep being reminded, as Howard Altman's column does every Monday, that we are losing soldiers daily. Our military still needs our support! Trina Johnston Dade City
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