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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The mystical debt ceiling

Mystical debt ceiling

Perhaps someone can explain about the whole idea of running out of money on Oct. 17.

What happens on the 17th if it’s approved to raise the debt ceiling?

How does it suddenly become possible that we are now able to pay our debts one day later?

Where does the money suddenly come from to pay all these debts that would have gone into default a day earlier?

Does the U.S. Mint suddenly work overtime?

Sorry for being simplistic.

Chuck Salzmann

New Port Richey

Keep America running

A short while back Warren Buffet suggested that a surefire way to ensure a balanced budget would be to pass a law forbidding re-election of any member of Congress who served during a year in which the budget was not balanced.

Using the same common- sense logic, we should pass a law requiring all members of Congress to forfeit a full month’s pay and benefits for each day that the government is shut down. The total value of which should be earmarked to the Veterans Affairs administration to support the general welfare of those who have shown they actually care about America.

To paraphrase Buffet, it is a sacred honor to serve in Congress.

Those serving should realize their duty is to keep America running, not shut it down.

Dave Moseley


Compromised security

I read that the National Security Agency is tightening security methods. I recommend they save their money with any plans for new designs, etc.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as total and complete security on any communication system as long as humans are involved in its operations.

I am starting to believe that even government courier services could be compromised by the use of humans.

How in the world did we ever win WWII with just a single War Department?

Joseph M. Abad


Term limits needed

Very nice article on U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young and congratulations on his retirement (“Rep. Young to end storied House career,” front page, Oct. 10).

I am writing because Young is exactly what is wrong with American politics.

Regardless of Republican or Democrat, our American system of Congress was never designed to be a lifetime job, witnessed by Young’s 42 years, and Ted Kennedy’s and John McCain’s careers.

This is the primary reason we have such corruption and fraud in the system.

We are witnesses to this problem every day. Special-interest groups control the flow of money and influence, which was never intended by our forefathers.

Members should serve two terms in Congress then leave and go back to their original jobs.

These politicians do not serve the interests of the people just their own promotion and agendas and re-election.

James Vogler


Boycott Jane Fonda

This is in response to the letter “Travesty of decency” (Views, Oct. 10) regarding Jane Fonda.

I agree totally with the writer’s views and have always felt that her conduct was anti-American. I was married to a Vietnam POW who was imprisoned while she was dancing in Saigon.

But the writer would be surprised at Henry Fonda’s views. Years ago I watched a TV interview of Henry Fonda and he was asked about his daughter’s political views and actions. He responded by stating, and I paraphrase “the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.” He totally supported her, at least in the interview.

I’m not sure if those were his personal views. So again, Jane Fonda’s actions were reprehensible and her political views have not changed.

The only way I know how to show non-support for her is to avoid her movies and not buy her books and speak about my views loudly to anyone who will listen.

And yes, I am stunned that she is getting a Life Achievement Award. But I was stunned when Arafat got the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Apparently, common sense is devoid in the people who make these decisions.

Carol Roth

San Antonio

Remembering Hanoi Jane

Terrific job by the letter writer detailing the sentiments of myself and many other veteran retirees.

Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason, convicted and still be in jail. She had to have had collaborators. I’d like to know who they were and just how she managed to get a passport/visa to go into enemy territory. There’s more to the story than we’ve been told.

It all happened years ago — but we haven’t forgotten or forgiven Hanoi Jane.

We don’t go to any movies she’s in — even bit parts like “The Butler” where she was cast as Nancy Reagan. What a slap-in-the-face to a wonderful, classy first lady.


Sandra McKendree

Palm Harbor

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