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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The key to preservation

The key to preservation

In response to “NRA bullies” (Your Views, June 3): Our children’s safety has nothing to with the National Rifle Association.

The NRA is not the only group for the preservation of the Second Amendment. Firearms laws currently on the books need to be enforced.

This country needs to get back to the basics about prudent firearms education in the schools, as it used to be taught. No one was shot or even intimidated with a firearm, and the high schools had rifle ranges.

We need to forget about political correctness and legalizing marajuana, and hold people accountable for their insidious behavior.

We need to leave the Constitution as is — including the Second Amendment, which our forefathers placed in the Bill of Rights because they knew that is the key to the preservation of this republic.

Stephen Burchett


Transit for masses? No

Regarding “Ferry proposal picks up speed” (Our Views, June 4):

Please stop calling the proposed Hillsborough County ferry plan “mass transit.” It is not mass transit; it is a private ferry between Apollo Beach and MacDill AFB for select military and government users.

The plan is akin to me asking the county to subsidize a helicopter service for my renters in Riverview to their jobs in South Tampa, Lutz or Clearwater.

The ferry company representative, Mark Fernandez, was previously quoted in your paper as saying, “Isn’t it nice a private company is willing to help subsidize and support our county?” Supporting the county? By redirecting tax revenues from other needed county projects and pouring $40-million-plus into a business plan that, as Fernandez admits, does not stand on its own financially?

How is this ferry supporting the county when there is a backlog of important projects that remain unfunded by the county? Projects that include public safety, roads and bridges, and mandated projects required by law but are being pushed aside because “the county has no money.”

Apparently the county does have money, and this ferry business seems to be the signal that citizens should start showing up at county board meetings with their subsidized business plans and questions as to why county services are being cut for lack of funding priority.

Neither Fernandez nor the county cheerleaders guarantee expanded ferry routes in the future. The current plan is only for MacDill passengers to and from “private” or restricted property, paid for by taxpayers.

The public should not be fooled with empty promises that it may, one day, be able to use the service to other destinations.

When the U.S. Navy wanted to continue bus services on oft-used routes in Virginia, around Norfolk, Dam Neck and Virginia Beach, the Navy paid to keep those routes open. So no, Mr. Fernandez, subsidies are not universal, and you are certainly not doing the taxpayers of Tampa any favors.

If MacDill wants a private ferry, MacDill should pay for it. How much property tax does MacDill pay again? That’s right — none. All the gain, none of the pain.

As a property owner who pays taxes, I say “no” to a subsidized ferry service. The people also should say “no” to a subsidized private ferry service, and the obvious (but “unpredicted”) need for future higher property taxes to fund this project, or others, when Fernandez has his hand out again.

Governing is not a hobby; it is serious business and carries great responsibility for the public good. Hillsborough County commissioners seem to have forgotten that.

Steve Serres


The ‘Shadow’ knows

It seems impeachment is in order for all government officials involved in the U.S. serviceman’s release from the Taliban, which we find was less than honorable due to his desertion.

We cannot wait for the justification that will be forthcoming.

From a great old radio program: “Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of man? The Shadow knows.”

The American public is the “Shadow.”

Joe and Ann Voskerichian



This letter is not in response to any article in the Trib. I just wanted to share some thoughts.

Sad to say, but many times people are prone to exercise the hole under their nose before they engage the organ between their ears. We seem to be a nation of “knee-jerk” reactions to things before all the facts are known.

As a veteran I am very concerned about what the realities of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl leaving his unit truly are.

“If” — one of the smallest words in our vocabular — is one with great meaning.

“If” what has been reported by a number of his comrades proves to be true through a thorough military investigation, with all the “facts” coming to light, then Bergdahl needs to be court martialed.

If found guilty, I do not believe further incarceration would be called for, but I do believe he should be dishonorably discharged.

Again, let me encourage your readers to withhold their final thoughts and feelings on this matter until all the facts are known.

Terry N. Biggs


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