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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The fiddler’s tune

The fiddler’s tune

Repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act is not the answer to health-care coverage at a reasonable cost to the buyer. The repeal of the McCarron-Ferguson Act of 1945 that exempts health insurance corporations from the federal antitrust act will play a major role in allowing everyone to obtain health-care coverage at a reasonable and competitive cost.

On Oct. 1, the public will be able to go online to find various health plans at various levels, but they will not be able to purchase health insurance programs from states other than the state they live in because of the McCarron-Ferguson Act, which allows the insurance industry to refuse coverage. To those who doubt this, I suggest you try to get health insurance from California, which lists one of the lowest costs for coverage.

The insurance industry and Major League Baseball are two corporate entities exempt from the federal antitrust act. Health insurance is not a public game.

Is the Republican Party refusing to support this repeal because they are dancing to the tune played by the health insurance industry as the industry plays the role of the fiddler? Is the current administration also dancing to the same tune?

I feel the Senate should send the budget bill back with a short, direct amendment repealing the McCarron-Ferguson Act of 1945 and publicly ask them if they are willing to continue to dance to the fiddler’s tune.

Adolph F. Panella Jr.


A good lesson

A few days ago there was a letter to the editor by a writer who claimed to be a Catholic. She said that if she heard her priests talk about politics in the pulpit, she would report them to the IRS. My dear young lady, the Bible is full of politics, if you would take time to read it.

We and the priests should equate the verses to today’s problems. Some problems will never be solved because we don’t study the past, learn from it and make a better world. That seems to be the nature of humanity. Maybe the solution is more church attendance and more Bible readings, and the answer to everyday problems can be found.

There is a lot written about greed and corruption. Some things that are taking place in our government will destroy this country if change isn’t made. The Bible mentions a lot about self-reliance, honesty and caring for others. We could name many solutions from Bible readings.

Look into your own soul. Many solutions are there. Thank the priests for giving you a good lesson.

JFK gave a speech in which he said ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. That is still a good thought for today.

Nancy Hike


A better idea

I have been thinking about the statements Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy made in the article printed in The Tampa Tribune a few days ago. It stated McCarthy once again called for more gun laws. “Illegal guns, illegal guns, illegal guns drive violence,” he said as he called on lawmakers to toughen gun laws.

What? Chicago already has so many restrictive gun laws no law-abiding citizen would dare own one. How did this guy even get on the police force without knowing the bad guys always have guns and the more guns you take away from law-abiding citizens the more the bad guys shoot theirs with impunity? The raw statistics show that quite vividly when you look at gun violence in Chicago and D.C.

Does it not even occur to him that maybe it might be a better idea to develop ways of identifying violent nut cases, terrorists and gang members?

It is tough to find an instance when a normal law-abiding citizen takes a legally acquired weapon and randomly kills people.

Walter Wagner

Apollo Beach

Security for veterans

I am concerned for my fellow veterans as well as myself when visiting the James Haley Veterans’ Hospital. I have to believe this would be a prime target for terrorists — we are all retired military or veterans. I see people going into this facility with backpacks with impunity. I really believe the security should be updated to reflect the same security afforded other federal institutions, such as metal detectors and searches. There is something to that old saying “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Veterans and staff deserve the very best security money can buy.

John Mannone


Speak up

How come we have not heard an immediate and loud condemnation from CAIR, the local Hillsborough County chapter of the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations, on the massacre of civilians by Islamic terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya? Absent a strong and vocal condemnation by CAIR, do they really believe they can convince us here in Hillsborough County that Islam is a religion of peace? CAIR’s silence speaks volumes.

Kit Werremeyer


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