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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The drift to socialism

The drift to socialism

Because our government gives to the undeserving, both nationally and internationally, it gives less support to the truly needy and deserving: veterans, the elderly, the handicapped, etc., as Pat Buchanan preaches. There are countries that can’t defend themselves because our government provides that service. There are jobs Americans won’t do because the government pays potential workers who decline to work.

In the end, history has proven that the feel-good goal of a guaranteed wonderful life for all is unworkable and ends in a return to capitalism to rescue failed states. So how wise is that route? Witness China, South Korea, Russia, etc. If it weren’t for past U. S. military strength, generosity and a vigorous market, Europe would have gone bankrupt already, China/Asia would still be the land of rice paddies, Middle Easterners tending their herds and Africa consumed by disease.

We don’t have a perfect system, but we have the best one devised so far. Let’s not ruin it.

Irwin Schuster


Educate, train

Two-hundred African girls kidnapped, raped and now up for sale all because they dared to get an education. God help these victims who really have no one shielding them from the repulsive treatment they receive daily from terrorists and criminals. In the past we have sent tons of food only to be stolen and sold on the black market. Recently, doctors have been murdered trying to treat the sick.

We need to get the male population and train them to become a militia and arm them to protect themselves. We need to help educate these people so they can form a government and have an infrastructure. This help must come from the United Nations, not to police, but to train and educate.

John Mannone


Pushing back

It occurs to me that the question of the day is not one of whether we are a Democrat or a Republican. Rather, it is are you a liberal progressive or a conservative constitutional?

Those who claim to be libertines have to figure out where they fit on this spectrum. Do you believe in the ultimate power of the state to decide what is best for you and to take care of you? Or do you believe in the power of the individual? The power for each one of us to make our own decision about what is best for ourself, and to work toward that end.

Unfortunately, those in power prefer to keep the masses ignorant of this concept so that they may maintain their power. The current administration has rocked the boat with a push to the far left that many see as Socialism.

In response, the far right has pushed back so that many on the other side lash out with terms “anti-women,” “racist,” “gun toter,” “Bible thumper,” etc.

In reality the elitist power caste in this country is scared to death by the extremist push since it “pushes” them out of office.

Witness how many long-time politicians are choosing not to run for office again. They see the push coming. The only question is which side will push harder.

Harald Stone



Yet again we hear reports that heat waves, storms and even longer allergy seasons are being caused by carbon dioxide-induced global warming with no real science to support the claims. And, of course, the media parrots the misinformation like it was fact instead of conjecture.

This simplistic, single-minded obsession concentrating solely on levels of CO2 in the atmosphere as the sole determinate of changes in the Earth’s climate would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

The Earth’s climate is extraordinarily complex. It is influenced by the Earth’s elastic, elliptical orbit around the sun, the changing angle and occasional wobble of its axis, volcanic activity, the heating and cooling effects of ocean currents and other factors.

Variations in CO2 levels are only one small part. With only about two decades of data (a ridiculously short period when analyzing changes in climate), these pseudo-scientists have created self-serving computer programs which purport to tell the future. Unfortunately, they have ignored one of the basic precepts of computer data analysis — GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).

I do not know if the Earth’s climate will heat up, cool down or remain about the same for the next century or so, but more importantly, neither do they!

Michael F. McQueen


Talking points

I am disappointed to hear the talking points regarding the tragic event that needlessly cost four brave Americans their lives. Hillary Clinton and President Obama were an integral part of the problem in not sending a rescue force to at least attempt a recovery of the heroes who died on their watch. Their decisions regarding the security of this embassy also comes into serious question. The cover-up that now appears to be the case and the lie from this administration fly in the face of the families of these brave men, and I think this investigation will reveal just how deep Clinton orchestrated these talking points and is partly responsible for the debacle.

James Vogler


Dude, arrest me

I was surprised that the Florida sheriffs came out against Amendment 2, medical marijuana. I was in Key West a few weeks ago and was in a breakfast café with two cops sitting in a booth next to us. Two plainclothes cops came in and started talking to them. One asked them about what they thought about the prospect of legalizing pot. One cop says that he has had to arrest a lot of people in 20 years and that lots of drunks have wanted to fight him but he has never had to fight a stoner. It’s like, “Dude, you got me.”

Food for thought.

Brian MacKay


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