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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Thanks, Jeb

Thanks, Jeb

As a conservative voter and a retired public school teacher with 38 years of experience, I want to respond to Darryl Paulson’s article “Run, Jeb, Run” (Views, March 23). I suppose we have Jeb Bush to thank for strengthening the office of the governor. I am not sure that reducing the number of Cabinet members from six to three was wise. I know that taking the election of the state commissioner of education away from Floridians and making it an appointed position takes power from the people and reduces local control of school boards. Thanks, Jeb!

I had to “ live out” the No Child Left Behind model of education reform. There were many flaws in the system, especially with the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), which became unrealistic in the last few years. That is why the state was so anxious to sign on to Common Core standards before they were even written. It was given money and waivers for AYP — a great bribe to get out from under an impossible standard. Thanks, Jeb!

The newest Bush education system — Common Core aka Next Generation Sunshine Standards — is an even greater debacle. Ask any honest teacher. We now have an unrealistic teacher evaluation system that is sending great teachers rushing into retirement. The curriculum being ushered in with the standards (we have been told CC is just standards) is extremely politically and socially biased. There is no neutral anymore. Pair that with the data mining and psychological testing, and the fact that none of the standards has been vetted, and you have a train wreck in the making. This is an experiment, and our children are the guinea pigs. Thanks, Jeb!

This conservative will vote with a write-in candidate if Jeb is the only choice. There are many others across the country who agree with me. Don’t bother to run, Jeb.

Nancy Fogle


A favorite son, but ...

Regarding “Run, Jeb, Run:” I align myself with all of the folks — those in the Florida press as well as the average Florida voter — who think that Jeb Bush would make a very good president. He most assuredly has all of the tools, experience, political wisdom and brain matter to do a great job in Washington. I liked and voted for his father and his brother — and I’d like to believe that Jeb is cut from the same cloth and would follow in their collective footsteps. He is unquestionably one of Florida’s favorite sons. However, and with all due respect, I truly don’t believe that the rest of the country is prepared or even likely to vote another Bush into the White House, no matter how dismally the present occupant is performing.

Ronald D. Carmony


A call to action

Regarding “As Alzheimer’s grows, urgency needed in funding” (Views, March 23): All of America needs to heed the sage words of David Morgan in his precise evaluation of Alzheimer’s, which is devastating our nation. Morgan is a globally recognized expert. His capable staff at USF Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute includes Amanda Smith, an acknowledged expert in diagnosis of this growing disease. We have outstanding expertise here in Tampa dealing with the advanced research and technology required for the treatment and cure of this ravaging killer. They need help!

Our federal government is the only entity large enough to focus on the cure for Alzheimer’s, as the dozens of fundraising organizations will never have all that is required. Research with adequate funding is essential.

Florida leads the nation in diagnosed cases with more than 500,000 victims. If all identifiable cases were diagnosed, that number would more than double. This silent advance is going to drain Medicare and Medicaid. We cannot kick the can down the road on this one.

Alzheimer’s impacts not only the patient. This mind-robbing, soul-stealing disease ravages the entire family of loved ones. As a civilized society we cannot allow this to control our nation, as it shall if left unchecked. This is a call to action for Congress to act in a timely manner — now.

Austin R. Curry


The writer is executive director of Elder Care Advocacy of Florida.

Obama partly to blame?

Obviously, what we and the Europeans do now in the face of Russia’s actions in Crimea are important. You have to deal with what is, with the situation as it exists. But we must not forget that it’s possible, if not likely, that the president’s weak and feckless foreign policy, including his apology tours, his disrespecting of allies and his “the-USA-is-not- exceptional” view, may have contributed to President Putin’s actions in the first place.

Ernest Lane


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