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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Telling it like it is

Telling it like it is

The article by Thomas Sowell should have been on the first page (“Is Obama turning U.S. into a lame-duck democracy?” Other Views, June 26). He really says it like it is.

L. Johnson

Plant City

Importance of perspective

The two articles published June 25, “The Environmental Protection Agency’s war on Floridians” by Tom Pyle and “EPA’s clean power plan will boost economy and create jobs” by Michael E. Kraft (Other Views), are not coming from the same points of view.

Pyle is president of the American Energy Alliance. Kraft is professor emeritus of political science and public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Pyle has an ax to grind for his industry. Kraft has no dog in the environmental fight. Whatever one’s views about our environment, one must consider the source of opinions published.

Marilyn B. Signer


An obvious communist?

In 1971 a communist/Marxist named Saul Alinsky authored the book “Rules for Radicals.” It was essentially a primer for community organizers, and readers learned that the best way to retaliate for not attaining economic equality was to destroy their country’s economy by overwhelming it with chaos and claims for social entitlements. This would, in his scheme, force an adoption of socialism and a redistribution of wealth.

Numerous stories have surfaced that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both students of Alinsky’s teachings. Contrary to the rumors that Obama was a professor at Chicago Law School, where he supposedly taught constitutional law, the truth is he was refused employment there as a professor. He was hired instead as an annually contracted instructor, and he taught “Alinsky 101,” based upon the book “Rules for Radicals.” (In 1969 Clinton wrote a 92-page senior thesis for Wellesley College titled “There Is Only the Fight ... An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”)

During the Obama presidency, the numbers of people receiving entitlements like disability income, food stamps and subsidized health care have mushroomed. Even with all the increased welfare expenditures for Americans, he has failed to keep his oath of office to uphold the laws of the USA in numerous ways — including his refusal to enforce our immigration laws, which has led to an even greater strain on our economy, as well as increased chaos. Besides the chaos on our borders, consider the chaos in the Justice Department, chaos in the IRS, chaos in the VA, chaos in foreign policy, chaos in the military, and chaos in our country’s economy relative to unemployment and debt.

Is it just coincidence that his actions mimic those prescribed by Alinsky? In my opinion, no one person could be so incompetent as to create the problems this country must now find a way to solve.

Thomas A. Peterson

Apollo Beach

‘Unity government’

It is noted that our leaders in the White House recently dispatched Vice President Joe Biden all the way to Baghdad to plead with the Iraqi leadership to form a “unity government” in order to end the strife, discord and unrest there. One wonders whether the White House might now consider sending him up the street four blocks to the U.S. Capitol to arrange for the formation of one here.

B.W. Tuton


Social media and jurors

The American Bar Association has just sanctioned the use of social media for attorneys for both jury selection and to monitor jurors during the course of proceedings. In those cases where both time and physical resources would make it practical to mine potential jurors’ websites or postings, the ABA’s rule is both logical and necessary.

When picking a jury you are faced with asking complete strangers questions with the intent of learning about them and determining whether they can be fair to your client. By and large you are bound by their answers, never knowing whether they have been honest and straightforward with you, or to themselves. Their belief that they can be fair may be belied by their previous actions and certainly their comments.

Having the ability to simply check things that they may have posted, comments that they have made or positions that they have taken on issues is a much better way of finding out what these potential jurors are about, as opposed to asking the standard question and getting the usual answer.

Daniel Aaronson

Fort Lauderdale

The writer is chairman emeritus and immediate past president of the First Amendment Lawyers Association and managing partner at Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo, P.A.

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