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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Tax math

Tax math

It will be very beneficial to voters, and those who would pay the tax, if the media would do its own math and not rely upon what is being fed to them by the proponents of Greenlight Pinellas. Specifically, your recent editorial states “ ... whether to pass a 1 percent sales tax” to fund the plan (“These goals needn’t be a stretch in 2014,” Our Views, Dec. 29). The actual sales tax increase is 16.66 percent.

Need proof? The state-allowed base sales tax is 6 percent; an additional penny is what percent of 6? For the benefit of the mathematically challenged, grab your calculator and divide 1 by 6 — that equals 16.66.

Accuracy in reporting is greatly appreciated.

Curtis A. Holmes


The writer is a Largo city commissioner.

Protecting ourselves

Regarding “Curbing gun possession” (Your Views, Dec. 28): The writer calls for the continued banning of guns on campuses in Florida. He cites the United Nations and uses some nations in Europe as examples of sane gun control. He mentions 35 gun murders in France and 90 in Spain. Then he writes, “The most critical difference between the USA and those other nations is that they don’t allow firearms to proliferate their cities in an unfettered manner.” That premise is wrong.

The most critical difference is that those nations do not allow gangs of thugs to roam about their cities, while at the same time binding their police from effective law enforcement with the rules of political correctness.

With terms such as “profiling” and “racism,” the USA has forced its police to give up its policy of stop-and-frisk and forced its citizens to arm themselves for protection of their lives, which our police are now unable to effectively provide.

Richard Driscoll


A good deal

Regarding “Bilirakis sees good news for veterans” (TBO, Dec. 22): I think U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis’ plan for consolidating the VA clinics is a great idea and way overdue. It does not make financial sense to have four leases, and all the utilities that go with them. From a management standpoint, it will be much easier to provide adequate security and administrative and professional staffing. Our veterans will have “one-stop shopping” with plenty of parking.

My only question is: Why must this clinic be new construction? There are thousands of square feet of commercial properties sitting vacant in the Port Richey, New Port Richey and Holiday areas. Why not lease an existing building and renovate to meet the design requirements for a consolidated clinic? This would certainly cost less than the $12 million allotted annually for a lease. As consumers we are always looking for a good deal to save money. Maybe our political leaders should, too.

William McDermott

New Port Richey

Ultimate objective

Regarding “Christian principles” (Your Views, Jan. 1): John Mcgourty sees how easy it is to commit sin and fall short of the “Kingdom of God.” He has already used scripture to criticize Sara Palin’s comment, thus being judgmental, making himself a sinner, too. I don’t need to continue down this road of finger-pointing, lest I be sinning too. You see, God has already declared all of us to be sinners and in need of salvation, hence the arrival of Jesus Christ, whose birthday we have just celebrated. He did not come to condemn the world; he came to save it.

I don’t believe Phil Robertson actually called a person or persons sinners; God has already done that. He merely pointed out what the Bible says about homosexual behavior. It is an “abomination” in the eyes of God and will keep a person from his inheritance of the “Kingdom of God.” That should put the fear of God in any person who believes in an after-Earth life. We cannot allow our ego and “holier than thou” attitude to get in the way of that objective.

Dar Vance

Spring Hill

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