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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Stuttering awareness

Stuttering awareness

International Stuttering Awareness Day is Tuesday, and it’s a great time to remind your readers that there are speech-language pathologists in your area who specialize in helping people who stutter.

The nonprofit Stuttering Foundation provides a free list of local specialists for your readers. Visit us at www.Stuttering Help.org or call 800-992-9392. Click on “Referrals” to see this list.

In addition, parents can also use our website to find the new video, “7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters.” We’ve recently made the video available to 53,727 pediatricians across the United States. It features the leading voices on preschool stuttering who provide parents with answers to tough questions about stuttering and practical strategies they can use right away.

As always, our materials are in more than 8,500 libraries nationwide. To see if your local public library shelves our materials, just click on “Check Your Library” at the website listed above.

Finally, it is important to mention that we provide the latest research information and self-help materials compiled by the leading authorities.

Thank you for helping us reach those who stutter in your community.

Jane Fraser

Memphis, Tenn.

The writer is president of Stuttering Foundation of America.

Poor leadership

In response to the 11th-hour Senate plan, again the Trib showed its bias with the article stating the Republicans are taking the brunt of public dissatisfaction. I am an independent voter, and I say the Trib should start printing all sides of this news, being leadership and the lack thereof. The president is commander in chief, and it starts with him! He should be willing to negotiate on anything. Obamacare needs rewriting; the politicians voted for it without reading it, which is pretty sad. Fingerpointing and blame need to take a backseat because it starts with the president, who is ultimately responsible for getting the ball rolling.

Stephen Burchett


Keep post office open

I was amazed to read of the “hearing” held on Oct. 9 at the library in Plant City. I never saw any advance notice of this hearing, and I am sure that if it had been well-published there would have been many more than a “handful” of attendees. The Postal Service authorities know full well that the residents of Plant City want the downtown facility to be open. If not in that building, get us a new location, but we need the downtown convenience for the businesses and residents, many of whom do not have transportation to the inconvenient locale of the Waldon Woods facility.

If we had public transportation that would offer service to the Waldon Woods facility, it may just be accepted as the only site; however, that is not an option to those who live in Plant City proper.

June Ambrose

Plant City

Tenacious sheriff

Knowing that we have law enforcement men and women like Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd should make the people of not only Polk but the state of Florida very proud. Time after time we hear or see that he has tenaciously gone after the bad guy and won. I am so proud of what he did to go after those two teenage girls accused of causing the suicide of a sweet, innocent young girl (“2 girls charged in child’s suicide,” front page, Oct. 16).

They will get away with a hand slap because they are under age. They now will be watched for the rest of their idiotic lives because they thought they were smarter than anyone else or meaner than any other kid their age.

I hope the small time in a jail cell will scare the hell out of them for as long as they live.

Sheriff Judd, you have made the Tampa Bay area very proud. Keep it up!

Rick Broye


Careful what you wish

I am really tired of different American Indian tribes trying to have our college and professional ball teams change their Indian logos or names.

Leave the Washington Redskins alone, or you may find that people decide to remove all references to American Indians from our towns, rivers, bridges, sports, libraries, etc., until any memory that American Indians ever existed are gone.

Terry Larson


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