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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Spending for trash containers misplaced

Container confusion

I am beginning to think Hillsborough County is as efficient as Washington, D.C. We had received letters informing us of the new garbage container change. But more than $400,000 was then spent to inform us of the new garbage containers by way of signs, billboards, etc.

But obviously getting the new containers to the residents is not a priority. We were given a choice of three sizes. My neighbors who chose the largest size received their new containers a week before the collection date of Sept. 30. I chose a smaller size and to date have not received mine. I made three phone calls, and the answer was always the same: You will get them at the end of the week.

Wouldn’t this money have been better spent in delivering the containers on time?

Jean Sleater


Thanks, Rays

I suppose I stomped my feet and cursed as much as any Rays fan this year, but I end up with the utmost respect for what they accomplished.

No group of people, other than members of the military in combat, work 39 out of 41 days with only two days off. And a good portion of these days are spent on the road, sleeping fitfully, eating non-mom’s or non-wives’ cooking, and still working a full day. They don’t prepare to withstand this physical and mental pressure in spring training. It was apparent that the team was physically and mentally exhausted when it arrived in Boston to start the best-of-five series. We saw mental and physical mistakes uncharacteristic of the Rays.

Sports writers and talkers are quick to point out that these guys make millions and ought to play like it. They overlook the fact that this is a team of human beings, and like it or not human beings are not designed to be perfect. Thanks, Rays, for an entertaining season. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? See you next year.

Don Hoyem


Budget madness

Regarding Thomas Sowell’s column “Inarticulate Republicans” (Other Views, Oct. 9): I think he forgot that the Constitution has three branches of government for a reason. The House controls the purse strings, and our forefathers knew that someday the power of government would go to their heads and someone had to keep them in line. He seems to think the GOP will ruin our children’s future by not raising the debt ceiling. This is where he is wrong. The House is doing exactly what it was meant to do; keep the level of government spending under control. If Sowell had his way, the Democrats would simply keep spending, without any limits.

I only wish that we would bite the bullet right now and actually solve this problem, once and for all. I am really sick of facing the budget problem every few months. I think the GOP should give the administration a budget and it should have to live within it, just like we have to.

Cindy Conti

Apollo Beach

Dockery no conservative

I can just imagine the smirking on the faces of your staff when you bought into a Paula Dockery column. It must have been a real fun day thinking you pulled the wool over the eyes of your conservative readers.

Dockery left the Republican Party and conservative ideas some time ago. Her scathing vitriol of Gov. Rick Scott and just about anything Republican does not set her apart from the rest of your columnists and the writings of the Associated Press.

Her column “Republicans in the House own this mess” (Other Views, Oct. 3) is a great example. She either does not know or could not care less that the Democratic-led Senate has not passed a balanced budget in five years and refuses to vote on a balanced budget amendment even if it is introduced by Paul Ryan or Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat.

The Democrats want a $1 trillion increase in the debt limit with no strings attached. I don’t want a rubber stamp House of Representatives, and I don’t think the Founding Fathers had that in mind either. A system of checks and balances is what has made us the best country in the world. So, I am not sure who has been duped here, but someone from the GOP must have stepped all over the toes of Dockery and getting back at them has been helped along by The Tampa Tribune. Did you know you were getting a Democrat in sheep’s clothing?

Judy Wise

Plant City

Contemptuous Congress

I am dismayed at the political kabuki theater in Washington. The real takeaway is how the American public is viewed by our elected leadership. It’s clear to me that we are considered as dolts, unable to grasp the complexity of the situation. Instead of respectfully moving forward to a solution, our leaders use sophomoric sound bites to sway public opinion. They need to be held accountable.

Paul Mundt

Apollo Beach

Repeal Obamacare

Politicians need to pay attention to all Americans, not just those few who are polled and agree with their policy. Obamacare is a disgrace and should be repealed. I am a 33-year-old single mother of one, and I don’t believe that this law is fair or constitutional. I will no longer be donating to any conservative who kowtows to President Obama’s no-negotiation threat.

Tiffany O’Grady


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