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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Special horses

Special horses

The way the Triple Crown is set up, there couldn’t be a fairer way. These three races are held to determine the best horse, period.

A real Triple Crown winner welcomes the chance to show just how good he is. California Chrome is a good horse maybe, but he is not a special horse, and Triple Crown winners are special. That’s why the stud services are so expensive. Secretariat was special because he would beat any horse on any track on any given day, especially in the Triple Crown test, and by a great length, I might add.

Lloyd Sealey


Pick-and-choose Christian

In his column “The pope, politics and the downgrading of dogma” (Other Views, June 10), Richie Ross argues that the Catholic Church’s new strategy of downplaying dogma (i.e., the so-called absolute truth in the Bible) is a positive thing. He thinks the church needs to change with the times, because the Bible was written long ago — as if God was not omnipotent and had no idea the world would grow and change over time, even though, according to the book of Revelations, God not only knows but has predestined our future. It seems if God wanted some changes made to biblical beliefs — like letting atheists into heaven, which goes against the most fundamental tenant of Christianity — he would start dictating a “New New Testament” to some modern-day prophets.

Ross is a typical pick-and-choose Christian, and Pope Francis is merely trying to re-invent the Catholic Church to accommodate the modern Catholic who finds all those ancient morals and beliefs to be a real wet blanket on their self-absorbed lifestyle. Oh, well — whatever keeps the coffers full, huh, Richie?

Mike Waters


Rays’ hitting woes

Rays manager Joe Maddon should have the bullpen pitch batting practice. No softballs. Anyone not swinging at a pitch in the strike zone gets docked $500 per pitch. Have the batting coach keep score. Gotta learn to hit ’em all, guys. As Tommy Lasorda said at Don Zimmer’s celebration, “Why not swing at the good pitch? It might be the best one they’ll see” — or words to that effect.

Seeing “STRIKE TAKEN” is getting to be tiresome, especially when the tendency is to strike out on a bad pitch. Some are walking to the plate 0-and-2, certainly not worthy of the millions they make. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Don Hoyem


Terrible thing to do

Regarding the policy to let illegal immigrant minors in (if not advertise for them): Really, the humanitarian thing to do would be to send them back to their parents/families. Our letting them in means a child is away from his parents in another country, with no money, no firm destination or place to stay, and no job prospects. When you get down to it, it’s a terrible thing to do.

Ernest Lane


Delightful surprise

I saw a picture of Joe Brown and a reference to his articles. I read his columns before anything else in the Sunday Tribune. I’m out of the area now, so his return is a delightful surprise.

Charles Moore


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