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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Sounds familiar

Sounds familiar Regarding "Elbe's floodwaters surge into Dresden" (Nation & World, June 7): After the 2002 flood disaster, the German Federal government gave its federal states hundreds of millions of Euros for flood mitigation, but a dithering state planning apparatchiki cowed by myopic ecologists, who (incorrectly) claimed that the 2002 event would never reoccur, effectively halted flood prevention measures on the Elbe, etc. The same "Greens" are now criticizing Saxony and Saxony Anhalt politicos for not providing them adequate flood protection. Sounds like America. James J. Harkins IV
Sun City Center Don't reward law-breakers Regarding "Scott's veto swerves into a ditch" (Our Views, June 7): In disregard for federal law and the votes of the people's representatives against the Dream Act, Barack Obama, during his re-election bid, gave special privileges to a group of illegal aliens. So you think Gov. Rick Scott should follow President Obama's lawless behavior and also flaunt federal law by aiding and abetting this select group of illegal aliens. And rewarding them with a driver's license - a privilige, not a human right - is aiding and abetting illegal behavior. It is unfortunate these young people are caught in a legal limbo, but giving them things does not solve the illegal alien invasion of our nation. The action of the parents who illegally brought their children here is the real problem, not our immigration laws. So you and these young people need to place the blame where it belongs - on the illegal alien parents who willfully and knowingly break our laws. Why should illegal aliens be allowed to ignore our laws, when citizens doing the same thing will be arrested, tried and convicted? To reward anyone, of any age, who is breaking any of our immigration and/or other laws will only lead to more people coming here with the expectation that they also will be given exemptions and special privileges. Our borders remain porous, and most employers of illegal aliens are not punished. Secure the borders, mandate E-Verify for all employers and institute stiff fines and jail time for those who continue to hire illegal aliens. When the jobs dry up many will go home. Then, and only then, should our representatives discuss how to deal with those who remain here illegally. Millions of citizens - 13 percent to 14 percent, according to the Labor Department's "U6" figures - remain unemployed and underemployed. This nation and its representatives need to concentrate on solutions for them, not how to reward illegal aliens of any age who are breaking our laws. Johannah Bruggeman Palm Harbor A decision to be proud of In reading "County repeals ban on gay pride promotions" (front page, June 6), I am reminded of what Supreme Court Justice John Harlan wrote in 1896: The Constitution "neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens." The efforts put forth by the county commissioners last Wednesday to remove this vestige of overt discrimination from the county code is nothing short of admirable. The commissioners had the courage to tackle a difficult issue and base their decision on the rule of law and just plain fairness and common sense. What did show in the council chambers is an encroachment of religion into the political arena of our county. The Founding Fathers were right in making a separation of church and state. Religion is fine as long as it does not seek to interfere with the state and vice versa. This is a two-way street, respect by one for the other. As Commissioner Kevin Beckner aptly pointed out, there is a difference of opinion in the religious community and the Bible on how to treat different groups. His statement was rather eloquent, to say the least. Those who contend to know what God's will is for us all have a heavy burden to carry, and may well be wrong in the final analysis. What the county confronted on this day in history was to even the field and not single out a specific group of people based on sexual orientation for different treatment than any other group. Commissioner Les Miller's story is telling for sure - he saw discrimination first hand in his younger years. We all need to remember what it meant in the past for certain segments of society to be singled out as a class, just as Justice Harland wrote in his Supreme Court dissent. To single out a single group for special treatment is not in keeping with the will of the Constitution. The county commission made the courageous and right decision, one that we all can be proud of. Frank Popeleski Seffner Heaven help Tampa I'm appalled at the Hillsborough County Commission's repeal of the ban on gay pride promotions. Commissioner Kevin Beckner, who held the Bible during the meeting, needs to read 1 Corinthians 5:9 and 6:9 and 10 about the sexually immoral. The commissioners who voted for this will have to answer to God one day. Because of this sin, God is lifting his hand over Tampa, and there is a big, black cloud over this city. Kenra Smith Tampa
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