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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Shame on Democrats

Shame on Democrats

With the partial shutdown of the federal government under way, it concerns me that so many can blame the Republican Party for the fiscal circus in Washington. Perhaps people are not aware of the motives of the GOP — a balanced budget, no new spending, applying the brakes to the runaway debt that President Obama demands be increased with no ceiling, and putting a stop to the single most devastating progressive overreach in history, Obamacare.

By proposing a budget that would have begun to restore fiscal responsibility, the GOP House was met in the Senate and the White House with derision, mean-spirited partisan rhetoric and the usual refusal to offer a counter proposal or even an offer to negotiate. The great leader chose the second day of the long-awaited crisis to decide to sit down with the other side, only to excoriate them, not negotiate. For five years the Democratic Senate has failed to even offer a budget, despite the GOP House sending budgets to the Senate. The government has been run by continuing resolutions for far too long. Why can’t the Senate act on a real budget?

In a new Gallup Poll, 39 percent of Americans support Obamacare, not a majority, and this is consistent with polling over the last several years. The cost of premiums under what Obama promised would be a health care cost-cutter is, in fact, a budget-busting 30 percent to 300 percent higher than present premiums. The American people don’t want this abomination, and he knows it.

The bottom line: The Democrats have used the budget as a political tool to attack the GOP while Obama has shown he has no interest in leading the country, only campaigning for unlimited debt that will end in bankruptcy. Shame on the Democrats.

Josef Horowitz


Congress no rubber stamp

Regarding “House Republicans own this mess” (Other Views, Oct. 3): In her column blaming the Republicans for shutting down the government, Paula Dockery demonstrates a good command of language but a somewhat more limited command of the facts. As I understand it, the House had already passed and cleared 99.9 percent of the budget to go forward. They just balked at the single point of funding for Obamacare. When the Republicans said no, President Obama, Harry Reid and the Dems reacted like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum. They went to the mat, rolling on the floor, beating their fists , kicking and screaming that if they can’t have everything they want, they would shut down the government for all Americans. This is what Dockery calls maturity? This is what Dockery calls compromise? This is what she calls moving forward in a responsible manner?

Let it be known for all times that it was Obama and the Dems who shut down the government because they would not budge an inch or compromise an inch on their single-point demand. They, not the Republicans, own the shutdown.

Congress is one of three co-equal branches of government. Congress is not otherwise a rubber stamp for the president. If a rubber stamp is all that Congress is, why do we have a Congress at all?

Robert B. Beatty


Tired of it

Regarding “House Republicans own this mess:” Really? Has Paula Dockery been asleep for the past five years, or did she just have her head in the Florida sand? President Obama and his minions fully controlled the government for two years and could not even pass a budget. Here we are five years later, and they still haven’t passed a budget while owning the executive branch, half of the legislative branch and apparently a majority of the judicial branch.

To be clear: It should be OK to shut down the government if it is being run imprudently. If the American people tried to shut it down since we are out of money, there would be anarchy. We rely on those we elect to shut it down if they hear us screaming for a break. OK, so it is those nasty tea partiers who are ruining the GOP. The GOP is going to find itself going the same direction as the Edsel if they keep up this charade. The American people are tired of a government that is deeply in debt.

Harald Stone


The 120-day rule

With the mess in Washington it becomes abundantly clear that the reason for many of these type problems is the absence of term limits. Thankfully, there is a term limit for the presidency. All governments ought to adopt term limits so the old mossback career politicians can be turned out to pasture, making room for young blood, with more interest in the good of the country than the survival of their political party.

How refreshing would that be?

Another possible means of avoiding government shutdowns would be for Congress to pass and the president sign the 120-day law: 120 days in advance of any deadline, or demand for increasing the debt ceiling, etc., the major negotiator would begin their negotiation process. During this period none of them would be paid. Should they fail to reach an agreement before the final 30 days, each would be fined $10,000 per day until an agreement is reached.

Should they fail to reach an agreement, new panels would be selected, and no member of Congress, the president or vice president would be paid until an agreement was reached, passed and signed.

Don Hoyem


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