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Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Seniors' fears

Seniors' fears Regarding "Don't be misled …" (Views, July 3): Tony Fransetta failed to mention that 30 million people will now be added to Medicaid and that this administration is cutting $500 billion from Medicare at the same time. Not to mention there is currently a doctor shortage. How long will you be in the waiting room now, and what kind of care will you receive? Perhaps the reason for the $600-per-senior prescriptions is to ease the pain of being refused real treatment. These are some of the real fears seniors face. Get the facts, and publish the truth. Scott Watkins Brandon
Sour grapes Regarding "A day for tears" (Letter of the Day, July 3): To suggest that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' children were threatened or that he has a skeleton in his closet because he came to a decision that letter writer Ilene Tacker did not agree with sounds a lot like sour grapes. She says Roberts is brilliant and conservative, but his decision made her cry. Get over it. Baffled and scared people are exactly why we are losing this country. Find another cause rather than cowering to decisions you don't agree with. Bill Flanagan Zephyrhills Scott's oath It was the U.S. Constitution — and little else, apparently — that kept Gov. Rick Scott out of jail when his former company, the Columbia/HCA hospital chain, was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud after a 1997 raid. Scott availed himself of his 5th Amendment constitutional right to refuse to answer prosecutors' questions at least 70 times in that case. Having parlayed his free pass into the governor's chair with scare tactics, unattainable goals and a sudden dislike for federal dollars, he loudly says his opinions trump the now constitutional Affordable Care Act as the law of the land. What do we make of a man who spits on the document that saved him? Should we support a governor who trashes his oath of office to pick and choose which federal laws he (and we) should obey? George Meyer Tampa
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