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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Selfish addicts a drain

Selfish addicts a drain

Regarding “A Place For Hope” (front page, Aug 14):

On reading Keith Morelli’s article I find an adult in their 40s or 50s who is hooked on drugs or booze really needs to grow up. They go through life leaning on relatives until they are finally rejected, then they look to the streets or shelters — anything but work.

I find it difficult to feel sorry for these dregs of society. They are selfish and self-centered, thinking only of their next “high” and not caring about the burden they place on those around them who have the task of picking them up and feeding them or making sure they survive.

They are victims of their own bad decisions. It is very sad to know there is a waiting list of people who want to live in this great nation and have the opportunity to seek the American dream, while others throw away their lives on substance abuse and lean on anyone with a pulse for support.

Free temporary housing should be for the mentally ill, and let the drunks and junkies deal with their own self-destructive habits.

John Mannone


Fort Hood travesty

As a veteran from the Korean War years, I am outraged that the military officials running the court martial of Nidal Malik Hasan (I won’t call him a major) have continued to call this carnage “workplace violence.” What is wrong with the top brass? Are we now afraid to offend Muslims by calling jihad what it is? It seems so as I have seen recently that the FBI has removed several hundred pages from their training manual where references to Arab, Muslim, al-Qaida, etc. were used.

The servicemen and women killed and maimed by this bloodbath are entitled to the full medical treatment and respect of the military by giving them the medals and Purple Hearts for their losses and injuries that they truly deserve. So far this is a travesty.

Isn’t there some way Congress can step in and say, “enough is enough” and demand this farce be called what it is? Why do we waste millions of dollars on this trial? If I had my way, I would gladly put him in hell where he belongs.

Chuck Salzmann

New Port Richey

No immigration rush

The immigration issue has been around for a long time. Why the sudden rush to pass an immigration bill?

The Democrats control the Senate and the White House, and they want the U.S. House of Representatives.

An addition of 11 million workers to an economy suffering from chronic 7 percent unemployment is outrageous. The majority of new jobs are part-time with few benefits, so the underemployment rate is underreported.

C.A. Starnes

Plant City

Silence in Chicago

Did you see the CBS nightly news the other night? There was a story on death rate of black people in Chicago. To date, more than 240 this year alone.

Where is the outrage, the protests, the sit-ins? Jesse Jackson was there, but he was attending the sentencing of his son for misusing campaign funds. What happened to Al Sharpton? Don`t these murders count? They highlighted a poor baby who was shot in her father’s arms while he was holding her. Not enough of a headline for him to show up? I guess these guys only appear when its an interracial murder.

James Woods


Respect the ink

Regarding “Cops, ink don’t mix,” Your Views (Aug. 14). I am upset and appalled that someone would have the preconceived notion that all people with tattoos are affiliated with gangs and mentally unstable. I take great offense to this as I personally have many tattoos that I have accumulated over the past 47 years. Many of my family members and friends (some in law enforcement) are also tattooed. None is affiliated with a gang, and we have never been in jail or arrested.

We are educated, professional people. Should other first responders, soldiers, doctors, lawyers and clergy also be terminated because they choose to be tattooed? Tattoos are a personal choice and have nothing to do with one’s ability to be a productive and law-abiding member of society. The only one suffering from mental instability is the narrow-minded individual who wrote that editorial.

Steve Gerenski

Plant City

Something’s wrong here

According to Thursday’s editorial (“Overlooked benefits of fixing our broken immigration system” (Our Views), adding 11 million illegals will boost our economy, stabilize Social Security and do all sorts of great things. So, obviously, we should recruit another 11 million illegals so the economy improves even more. Don’t you see there’s something wrong with that picture?

Tom Bennis

Sun City Center

Weather Center