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Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Self-defense?

Self-defense? Regarding "Remember Jesus and the Gentile" (Letter of the Day, Sept. 15): Former Pastor John Gallo characterizes the school board protesters as "Islam-haters." I believe they are not acting out of hatred but rather out of self-defense. Do you want to know what your Muslim neighbors really wish for you? Read the entire ninth sura of their holy Koran. It is quite plainly laid out for you. Roy Gonzalez
Sebring Christians under siege Former Pastor Gallo uses the same tired references to the Bible that the enemies of Christians conveniently use to try to force us into shame and to shut up when defending our faith. He arrogantly complains about the intolerance of Christians in this country and insults them by using words such as "zealots." But when have Christians in this country burned museums which in the name of art desecrate the image of Jesus Christ? Is that less offensive than the image of Muhammad? When have Christians in this country burned Hollywood studios that continuously produce movies and TV programs that mock our beliefs? Have Christians burned The Tampa Tribune for publishing cartoons like the one by Doonesbury on Sunday that again mock our beliefs? Christians in this country are continuously mocked and ridiculed on television for their core beliefs on topics such as abortion and marriage. No other group in our society is subject to so much vitriol and abuse because of their faith and religious principles. Gallo seems to conveniently ignore the teachings of history. Our Christian brothers and sisters in countries such as Lebanon and Sudan had no choice but to resort to arms to save themselves from the onslaught of the Muslim brothers. Most recently in Iraq, Christians have been killed while at church, and a girl in Pakistan has been falsely accused by the local imam of desecrating the Koran in order to have them move away from the neighborhood. Wasn't that called religious cleansing in the Balkans? Those familiar with the plight of the Christian Coptics in Egypt know what is coming to them now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power. They eventually will disappear the same as has happened to most Christian communities throughout the Middle East. And what about those Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa where no other religions are tolerated? Is that intolerance, or is Gallo ignorant of those issues? Gallo also mentions the God of Abraham. Is not Abraham also part of the Jewish and Christian faiths? Who are the ones who want to erase the Jews from the face of the Earth? What kind of brotherhood is that? History is full of abuses by the three religions. Unfortunately for the Muslim brothers, they are the ones in the limelight, and until the moderate members of that religion are willing to take the risks to oppose and destroy the fanatics in their midst, there will be no peace. A lesson is to be learned from Northern Ireland. Gallo's criticism of his fellow Christians' right to defend their principles and opinions is misguided and plays right into the hands of the enemies of Christianity. Alberto J. Sanchez Tampa Encouragement offered John Gallo, who admonished us to remember Jesus and the Gentile, apparently missed the previous day's story about a Mali man whose Sharia law punishment for robbery was the amputation of the robber's hand and foot. Unless and until America's so-called moderate Muslims and their political advocacy groups such as CAIR completely denounce and repudiate the notion that Sharia law is appropriate for a modern, civilized society, Americans of all stripes should be encouraged for their aggressive, combative opposition to all things Sharia and most things Islamic. Gallo's characterization of his fellow Tampa Bay area citizens as "Islam-haters" was dismissive and detestable. Dan McConnell Riverview
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