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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Scary charges

Scary charges

I guess Dr. Paul Miller has a sense of humor (“Don’t let fear affect your oral health,” Letter of the Day, Aug. 7) when he wrote about affordable dental care. My son’s bill (with insurance, no cavities) was three-quarters of his father’s pre-tax weekly salary.

Did the doctor see the recent Tribune article that states 25 percent of U.S. households are just getting by? Fees like this mean other family members do without exams.

Ruth Leaders


Don’t kick off citizens

At a time when citizens are finding they have no elected officials listening to them in Washington, D.C., and no elected and unelected officials listening to us on the state level, why would the Hillsborough County Commission take away our local representation by removing citizen members of the HART board?

We are now dealing with the effects of an unelected state school board and an unelected commissioner of education who has given us the nightmare of Common Core and a restriction on school board control on the local level. Now we citizens see the same thing happening with the HART board.

If the commissioners do this against the wishes of the citizens of Hillsborough, they will be acting against the citizens who elected them. That amounts to a dictatorship as I see it, and what little faith I have left in local government will be eroded.

Where is representation by the people? Why do they think they can go against the wishes of the citizens who have elected them? I believe they will pay a political price if they do this. Citizens are getting fed up with officials they elected turning against them. Please keep the citizens on the HART board.

Nancy Fogle


Integrity biggest issue

In reference to the Joe Henderson/Tom Jackson Faceoff columns on Monday about Rick Scott and the governor’s race, I believe they both make some good points.

First, Charlie Crist is a man who will take any position that he thinks will get him elected. He has changed positions, changed parties and can’t be counted on to take a solid stand on any position.

Scott seems to have taken a lesson from Crist on doing the flip-flop maneuver.

The single biggest issue to me is their integrity. While Crist is not exactly a star in this area, I believe he outshines Scott. I worked in law enforcement for 28 years. I testified in county, state and federal courts hundreds of times. In all those times I took the Fifth Amendment a grand total of zero times. Why? Because I didn’t commit any criminal acts and thus could answer the questions! Scott took the Fifth around 75 times in a civil case.

Just in case you are not familiar with the Fifth Amendment, it says you don’t have to answer a question if you believe it will incriminate you.

So why did Scott take the Fifth Amendment so many times if he didn’t commit any criminal acts?

I think our choices for governor are very poor, but only one took the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination. I am voting for Crist.

Paul Wells

Land O’ Lakes

Don’t forget about us

Noisy SoHo bars? Don’t worry; Tampa City Council gets them more parking and gets to you later.

Why do water mains burst everywhere but downtown? Don’t worry; another major road is closed for a week to fix the 1800s water mains Mayor Bob Buckhorn swore to fix during the last election.

Seems the only neighborhood that matters is downtown. City Hall is all over it when a few trains disturb the few living there with a check in hand. Transportation dollars should’ve been spent where they were really needed instead of the Riverwalk.

What’s another $100,000 to them for graffiti?

Don’t let City Hall off easy with one inch of new asphalt down your street or new paint at the park.

A lot of money and attention has been spent downtown, where the streets never flood and there are sidewalks galore. It’s time the mayor and city council get back to the rest of us and our neighborhoods. We are Tampa, too.

Gene Wells


Never-ending crisis

In recent weeks we have been given a history lesson on the Middle East by several contributors to your editorial pages. We have learned of agreements, treaties, white papers and other historical data.

Unfortunately, none of this information provides us with a viable solution at this time.

I have sympathy for the next five leaders of the Palestinian and Israeli people as well as our own leaders. Sadly, I believe they will all have to deal with this problem.

Ron Ovarlet


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