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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Rude and inconsiderate

Rude and inconsiderate

Regarding “Jogging on the left” (Your Views, Oct. 26):

I am a daily bicycle commuter and cross-country cyclist who has utilized the 42-mile-long Suncoast Trail and other Hillsborough trails for century training since 2003.

At most trailheads, the parks and recreation department has posted rules for safe use by walkers, runners, in-line skaters and bicyclists. The first rule is to stay on the right for two-way traffic. It is common courtesy for cyclists when passing slower traffic to announce “on your left — on your left.”

John Ficca’s letter details inconsideration and rudeness toward bicyclists, traits also shared by walkers, runners and in-line skaters. I look forward to sharing the trail with this rugged individual jogging on the left. I will be wearing the “America’s Blood Centers, Donate Life America, Be The Match Foundation” bike jersey and shorts.

Bob Wise


Join the right

Regarding “Jogging on the left:”

I would like to thank these trail cops for making the writer aware of his blatant disregard for the set rules of the road and endangering himself and others. Yet for some reason he still holds on to the ignorant view that traveling toward oncoming traffic is “for the safety of me and the cyclists.” His past negative experience of being bumped by a cyclist traveling in the same direction could have been easily avoided by checking the lane next to him before moving over.

Do you change lanes into the fast lane while driving without checking behind you? Walking, running and cycling on the improper side of the road is a serious safety issue to all involved. I am disappointed that he attempts to trivialize the cyclists by making a mockery of their bike costs and clothing and asking them “to slow down; get a life.” They respect you and your chosen sport; educate yourself about theirs and join the “right” side of the road.

If he continues to walk toward oncoming traffic, he will injure himself and others and will face the ire of those who follow the proper rules. Wear earmuffs while walking as he will be subjected to a barrage of cussing by those he is placing in harm’s way.

Robert Gaston


An American product

As a Pasco resident, I would like to thank Sen. Wilton Simpson for a bill that passed to give businesses a five-year tax break if they convert to natural gas in Florida. Pasco County Commissioner Henry Wilson and I have been advocating for the use of compressed natural gas, or CNG, in county vehicles and school buses. It’s a good start because natural gas or CNG sells for about $1.50 less a gallon than diesel, which is typically used in trucks and school buses. For example, if diesel costs about $3.87 a gallon, natural gas would be about $2.27.

It’s a no-brainer for county commissioners to adopt this program to take some burden off taxpayers.

FedEx plans to shift 30 percent of its long-distance vehicles to natural gas over the next decade. United Parcel Service, Lowe’s, and Proctor & Gamble are on the same track. Waste Management here in Florida has been a leader buying new trucks and retrofitting engines to run on natural gas. Tallahassee switched to natural gas for all of its school buses more than two years ago.

Our elected officials from Washington to each of the counties in each state should be on board. If nobody has noticed, the U.S. Postal Service plans to raise our first-class stamps by 3 cents, to 49 cents for a postage stamp, and it won’t stop there. That agency is always running in the red. The largest fleet of commercial vehicles belongs to the Postal Service. Having its vehicles switch would be great for everyone in America.

We stand to make even more gains in the United States since we have enough natural gas for the next 200 years. Construction jobs would flourish putting in the pipelines and building new filling stations. New job opportunities would open up to retrofit the engines and maintain them.

Now, if the Washington crowd puts on their thinking caps, they would realize that natural gas is an American product. It should be a priority to have these engines “Made in America” — the unemployment rate would drop like a lead balloon. The only congressman I heard speak positively on this matter is Rep. Dennis Ross. On the state level, Sen. Simpson has the program up and running. I urge you to contact Ross along with your county and city officials. Put America first.

When we all start saving $1.50 per gallon at the pump, we will all have more disposable income to spend to help the economy along.

Bill Bunting


The writer is Pasco Republican State committeeman.

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