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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Rooting out terrorists

Rooting out terrorists

Great to hear the beaten teen is home safe. When will the three Israeli teens arrive home to their mothers? Hamas hijacked, murdered and tossed the bodies in the dead end of town. Your article was nothing more than cheerleading for Hamas.

If New Jersey were shooting rocket artillery across the river into New York City, what would the mayor of New York City and the governor of New York do? They would do exactly what Netanyahu is doing — send the military into New Jersey and root out the terrorists, killing as many as they could.

If The Tampa Tribune were a real newspaper, you would print the Hamas charter, which, among other things, calls for the obliteration of Israel — as in kill every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel.

Robert Pollard


Valuable lesson learned?

So young Tariq Abu Khdeir is back home in Tampa, and the media are falling all over themselves to cover the story. It’s interesting that the story line is all one-sided: This poor 15-year-old Palestinian-American on vacation in Israel with his family, who was present during a demonstration by young Palestinians who were throwing rocks at some Israeli police, was grabbed by the police and severely beaten. I find it somewhat interesting that no one in the media seems to be interested in the other side of the story.

Of course, Khdeir insists that he was only watching. But if he were only watching, why would the police grab an innocent bystander rather than someone who was actually participating in the demonstration?

We may never know both sides of the story, but I’m sure on one thing:

Young Mr. Khdeir has learned a very valuable lesson, and that is “Don’t mess with the Israeli police — they do not have a sense of humor.” He should be glad that he’s alive and back in the U.S. with only a busted lip and a couple of black eyes.

This incident could easily have had a very different ending.

Lester E. Scates

Plant City

Democrats’ tactics

Regarding the AP headline “Republicans block birth control bill in Senate” (National & World, July 17):

This headline is extremely biased and misleading. After reading the article, it is obvious the Democrats knew this bill would not pass and used the bill as a political stunt to help boost their chances at the polls by painting the GOP as against women’s health.

This does not surprise me, coming from the left-leaning AP, nor does it surprise me that Harry Reid and company concocted this bill.

The Democrats are using any tactic at their disposal because they know their support is waning.

I think a more appropriate and accurate headline should read:

“Senate Democrats’ bill to undermine Supreme Court ruling on First Amendment gets defeated by GOP.”

Tom McDonough

Plant City

Importing voters?

It has been very tiring watching the way the TV media tries to cover up the president’s fiasco on the southern border of the USA. I believe that the thousands of illegals wouldn’t be flooding our borders if our so-called leader in the White House hadn’t invited them. Two years ago he told Central Americans if they made it across the border he wouldn’t send them back. Now he’s blaming Congress for not giving him $3.7 billion to save the children.

All President Obama wants is to increase illegal Democratic voters by importing them. He thinks socialism is better than democracy. Get wise, America, Obama is the most illegal president in history. We need to stop him and his cronies in Congress now.

Reese Hunter


Our people first

How long will our people stand by and say nothing? Our government keeps borrowing money we can’t afford to pay back. What’s even worse is that a big portion of that money is being given to foreign countries. Our citizens are paying the bill by working and paying taxes when many families with children are hurting. For years I’ve been saying our government is willing to help foreign countries before helping our citizens. Not too long ago, this administration took $3 billion to $4 billion from families who were receiving food stamps, and many of the families had children. Now, this same administration is asking for $3 billion to $4 billion to help the people coming into our country when our own people are hurting.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel sorry for these people. We need to tell these countries that they have to take care of their own people. I’m surprised I’m not hearing any of our own politicians say that very strongly.

Our country needs to take care of our people first. No more foreign aid until our citizens’ needs are met.

Chris Manos


Scott’s ‘penchant’

I forced myself to read Douglas MacKinnon’s partisan, slanted opine, mainly because conservatives such as him often accuse us liberals of not reading conservative op-eds. It rings true, because we liberals know they’re filled with cherry picking and served with a red herring.

MacKinnon seems blind to the fact that Gov. Rick Scott (nicknamed: “5th Amendment Scott”), in the eyes of independents and moderate Republicans, is viewed as the worst governor in the history of Florida. This is mainly for Scott’s penchant for refusing government aid of any type. This includes funding for high-speed rail to Orlando and for Medicaid expansion.

If the nail in Scott’s coffin comes in November, it won’t be because of Charlie Crist. It’ll be because of seniors and low-income citizens who can’t get Medicaid because of Scott.

As for Crist, this Democrat wants him solely because he gives us the best chance to boot “5th Amendment Scott.”

Michael Harris

Safety Harbor

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