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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Robinson responds

Robinson responds Regarding "Our choices for school board" (Our Views, July 18): I, "Joe" Jordan-Robinson, am more than an engineer and community activist. I am a parent who understands children and families and what it takes to develop a child into an adult, having raised my daughter to graduate from college and become a successful engineer and administrator against all odds. I am also a successful businessman and long-term, dedicated volunteer to the city of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Hillsborough public schools and this community at large. This is evident by my service on the 2010 Charter Review Board, my long-term gubernatorial appointment to the Southwest Florida Water Management District's NW and Hillsborough Basin Boards from 2001 to 2009, as well as my service on the NAACP and Hillsborough County Public Schools Partnership Committee, to name a few that produced results. It is quite apparent that your labeling of me as confrontational is an attempt to confuse the voters about my character. I am not confrontational. I have a passion for the truth and what is right. It was my passion that convinced an administrative law judge to agree that new polices needed to be created to make the process fair for selecting professionals at the school district when the status quo was silent.
When all walks of life call on me to help their cause, I have never turned anyone down in this town. It is time for a change in Hillsborough County School Board, District 7, leadership, and I am asking all voters in this countywide, nonpartisan election to vote for me on Aug. 14 and show that the voters still determine the leaders in Hillsborough County. "Joe" Jordan-Robinson Tampa 'A true educator' I am writing to express my disappointment and astonishment that you would not recommend Dr. Jack Lamb for Hillsborough County School Board, District 3. Lamb, by your own admission, is a seasoned educator and knows the answers to the many questions still being asked by his opponent, Cindy Stuart. Lamb has not only been a parent of Hillsborough County students but a grandparent as well. He has been involved with the ever-changing educational system his entire career. Stuart's enthusiasm cannot compare to Lamb's knowledge and continued hands-on experience. As a veteran educator of more than 30 years, I can assure you and your readers that there is no person more qualified and dedicated to getting the job done for Hillsborough County students and teachers. Lamb is not a politician — he is a true educator and will continue to serve our district well. Terry Governale Tampa Korsak's rebuttal Regarding "Legg, Lee and Frishe in GOP Senate primary" (Our Views, July 15): The Tampa Tribune Editorial Board's endorsement of establishment candidates already coronated by Tallahassee's political class was to be expected. Having campaigned across Hillsborough and Pasco counties since January for the District 17 seat in the Florida Senate, I have had the opportunity to hear the stump speech of about every candidate running for about every office — multiple times. You will find only two types of candidates. One is a recycled politician jumping to other races and even other districts. They have campaign coffers bankrolled by interests that represent the antithesis of their stated platforms. The other is a principled candidate, in many cases a first-timer. They deliver substantive presentations complete with logical solutions to real problems. For clarification, I did not "promise an emphasis on ethics." While wildly important in quite an unethical political arena, my emphasis is on platform points that would resonate with voters — perhaps the very reason none was printed by the Tribune. After all, who really wants a fair and transparent tax policy in Florida, with the elimination of excise taxes based on a plan that offers a reduction in the state sales tax rate? What business actually wants less regulation by the state's Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection? What parent actually wants education money to follow the student and get a real live voucher in exchange for exercising true parental choice? And that whole government spending thing — you know, our state's $70 billion budget. What taxpayer would actually want to see a zero-based budget on a two-year budget cycle? I guess an honorable mention for the Trib is their understatement that "the coronation of John Legg doesn't sit well with me." The Trib did get one thing right — I was the first candidate to file against Jim Norman. The sharks would not be circling had I not had the leadership and fortitude to challenge the establishment. John Korsak Lutz Stephenson responds Regarding "Keep Hurley on Pasco School Board" (Our Views, July 16): I strongly disagree with the endorsement of Joanne Hurley, and not purely for selfish reasons. My concern is that the Tribune has completely ignored the massive shortcomings of my opponent in the Pasco County School Board, District 2, race, not the least of which is the fact that she has absolutely no public platform for voters to weigh their decision-making process, as well as her abysmal voting record of roughly 600 "yea" votes and not a single "nay" during her entire term. If the Tribune truly wished for an informed voting public, it has certainly done that goal a disservice. I would encourage voters to visit my website to learn about my very public, detailed platform, and then ask Joanne why they can't find hers. Don Stephenson Land O' Lakes
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