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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Retaliation feared

Retaliation feared

Let us not make the same mistake twice. Kudos to McCain and Hillary for regretting their “yes” votes to attack Baghdad. Evidently, Congress didn’t do its history homework. We did not believe the U.N. inspectors when they found no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein might have been a cruel dictator, but he prevented a sectarian civil war from erupting. Al-Maliki has favored the Shiites over the Sunnis. I am in fear of retaliation from Sunni sympathizers in the U.S. Hopefully, a strong leader will evolve and treat the people equally.

Mary Lou Zander


Stop picking on Democrats

It appears to me that your company is Republican from all the editorials and articles in the paper. I am a Democrat and getting tired of all the negative articles in the editorial and other sections regarding the president and Democrats. In a recent article about the economy, the reporter failed to point out the GOP has done nothing to help the economy. All (Republicans) do is filibuster all the bills that could help the country. The president sent an infrastructure bill to Congress about three years ago, and they have not even brought it to the floor for votes. If you and your paper want to criticize, start criticizing the GOP, which does nothing but sit on its thumbs all day trying to figure out what to do next to hurt our country. I — along with other people — am getting sick and tired of all the negativity. You never print anything positive about the president or my party.

Maxine Brown


Judged by history

We can all agree that those who stand on the wrong side of the argument will not be judged kindly by history.

On June 11, 1963, then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace stood at the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama in his attempt to stop integration. As a result, Wallace will always be remembered for his act of defiance.

So Florida Gov. Rick Scott may want to rethink his homophobic response toward same-sex marriage. He may be remembered as the governor who tried to stand in the way of liberty, equality and progress.

JoAnn Lee Frank



Regarding “An insightful history on guns in America” (Books, June 15):

“The book makes an argument for the Second Amendment as a kind of mirror — reflecting shifting mores, shifting attitudes,” the article states. And although our Second Amendment might appear to be “awkwardly written” to some, given the context in which it was created, its meaning remains clear and unambiguous.

Despite that “our sense of human dignity has evolved” during the past 200-plus years, the tension between our government and its people has not changed. Americans who would willingly die on the battlefield to protect this country likely are the same who would take up arms against our government should it ever attempt to usurp the power of the people — a reflection not likely to change only because of the Second Amendment.

Henry Hower

Wesley Chapel

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