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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Presidential

Presidential Your Views writer Robert Trout declares Mitt Romney a liar and bully because he refused to let the Democrats and President Obama define him and his policies ("No victory," Oct. 9). Talk about sour grapes and drinking the Kool-Aid! What did he think was going to happen when Obama's failed policies and record were exposed to the country? That Romney was not the villain all the president's commercials made him out to be? What did he think was going to happen when the man with the lightest resume ever to be president debated a seasoned businessman and politician? The country saw what presidential looks like and what does not. Let's all turn a bad page! Dean L. Walters
Ruskin No defense Robert Trout conveniently overlooks Obama's lies, such as "I will cut the deficit in half my first year," "If you like the health plan you have now, you can keep it," "Your insurance rate will not increase," "You can keep your present doctor," etc., etc. They are too numerous to list. As for the Gish Gallop tactic — swamping your opponent with arguments he can't answer in real time — Obama had as much time as Romney but cannot defend his record. Robert Spencer Tampa Sleep in peace I would like to say how very happy I am that the Tribune has finally been bought and several hundred people do not have to wake up every morning worrying whether or not they have a job. Now they can sleep in peace. I find it very interesting that a young private investment equity group by the name of Revolution Capital Group bought the paper. My question is: How many people did another young private investment equity group named Bain Capital give the same kind of peace to? May all these companies, investors and employees sleep well. Private enterprise without government interference creates jobs despite what we read and hear. Sandi Suma Valrico Public service Congratulations to the new owners of the Tribune. One of the Trib's strengths over the years has been its balanced approach in its evaluation of political issues, candidates, proposed amendments and editorials. I think they have given their readership the tools they need to be well informed to weigh decisions on local, state and world issues. It has been a very valuable public service. I hope the current editorial board remains intact. Bill Slippy Wesley Chapel
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