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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Paula Dockery is delusional on high-speed rail

Dockery delusional

Regarding: “Scott’s trade mission to Japan missed opportunities here” (Other Views, Nov. 15).

I am not sure what point Paula Dockery was actually trying to get across in her column regarding Governor Scott’s mission to Japan and missed opportunities. However, Paula did begin and end her article with the delusional fairy tale that Tampa-to-Orlando Floridians were denied “...a high speed rail that carries well in excess of 150 million passengers a year” just like exists between Tokyo and Osaka.

There are so many well-documented financial, cultural and logistical reasons that Governor Scott made the sane decision to reject the Florida project. For Paula to equate the dynamics of Japan’s largest industrialized cities and cultures and rail opportunity success to Tampa and Orlando is void of critical thinking.

Thomas West

New Port Richey

Train vote correct

As usual with her column, Paula Dockery missed the boat. Sure there were plenty on large international companies interested in building a high-speed rail system mostly with Federal taxpayer money. However, after the multibillion dollar construction project would be completed, it would be Florida taxpayers holding the responsibility for paying operational cost, should the system not pay for itself. When one can drive this distance for less than $10 and have a car to drive after arriving, the poor economics of the rail system become apparent. Additionally, there is no comparison between the population density in Japan to that of Central Florida, which makes the Japanese system viable. Thanks to Governor Scott for saying “no” to a deal that would have exposed Floridians to large liability.

Don Etchison

Spring Hill

Obamacare disaster

My insurer has raised the employee health coverage at my job by almost 35 percent. My paycheck has already been zapped by the new rates. My employer is putting plans in place for 2014 that are surely going to be less generous for both his new hires, and his existing staff.

Where do I go to get my old policy back?

Jim Parker


GOP off balance

Our government employs a set rules called checks and balance. Of late, though, the checks have gotten out of balance. The Republicans, under the boot of the tea party, have virtually checked (stopped) all legislation of vital importance: immigration reform, judicial appointments, just to name a couple.

The Republican party has become a likeness of a Jackson Pollock painting - no beginning, no end, and no center of interest. As of today, a party not displaying the best interest of our country.

James M. Donaldson


That’s entertainment?

OK, so I’m an easily offended old fogie. I was surprised at Walt Belcher’s glowing review of “The Book of Mormon”, playing at the Straz Center. As he notes, this blockbuster play “is wrapped in profanity”, includes topics such as sexual relations with a frog, and has a dance number related to diarrhea. Then of course it makes fun of a major religious group. Sounds like real belly-laughter, doesn’t it? Are there no boundaries of taste in today’s world of “entertainment”?

Edward Mierzejewski


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