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Monday, Sep 18, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Passing the look

Passing the look Regarding "Sagging pants saga has no happy ending" (Our Views, Aug. 20): The sagging pads "fad" actually started in correctional facilities, to indicate that the wearer of such a style was "available." It's interesting that most saggy-pants wearers are unaware of this origin. Sadder still may be that those who do know don't care and continue to pass the look down to the next generations. Kenn Sidorewich Oldsmar
Excuse me a minute Regarding "Sagging pants:" The next time you are in a major department store, take a look at the mannequins. Several years ago at a major department store in South Carolina I saw a mannequin in the young men's department with sagging pants. About a year ago in Temple Terrace I saw a young boy about 3 years old holding his middle-aged dad's hand while they were walking. Both had sagging pants and were holding up their pants with one hand. Last year I delivered a JROTC award to a high school. Just before school started a girl, possibly a junior or senior, got out of a car with a near-low cut blouse and enough perfume to sink a battleship. Were her parents aware of what she was wearing? They should have been — it appeared the girl's mother was driving her. When watching my young grandkids, before we go out to lunch or dinner, which is followed by a dollar store visit, they both must pass my inspection. My grandson, with a belt on, must jump up and down six times without his pants sagging. The grandkids call me the "Old Grouch." I am proud of that nickname, because I earned it. Shortly after the shooting at the theater in Colorado, there was a false-alarm scare at another theater. On the TV news a camera showed people in the lobby running out of the theater. One young man was holding his girlfriend's hand. What was the young man doing with his right hand? He was holding up his pants. Suppose the young man came face to face with a shooter. In today's culture, I guess the young man, before defending his date and himself, would say to the shooter, "Excuse me a minute; I have to pull up my pants!" Robert F. Sawallesh Valrico World of undesirables Howard Kunstler hit the nail on the head in his new book "Too Much Magic," saying "The wearer does not expect to do any physical labor." All these fellows must be counted in our unemployment stats. If you can imagine how they support themselves, it makes the picture complete of the "gangsta" image maintained in the rap music they are guided by. One more item to the look is they usually have one hand on their crotch, which completes the distasteful look. Some establishments have signs not allowing them in, but in reality you cannot stop it. They are in their own world of undesirables who usually end up in our prison system — ironically, where the fad began. John Mannone Tampa Love is in the air A great amount of money has been and is being spent to favorably impress our RNC visitors and make them want to return to the area as tourists or to build businesses. A look at the calendar for the scheduled event caused me to pause. Apparently, no one else has considered that we could get an enormous amount of free publicity, advertising our area as a romantic destination. Yeppers, it's about time for the return of the love bugs. James D. Blair Zephyrhills Evidence for move It's a sad commentary, but true, that there'll be more Occupy protesters attending the RNC than the 9,000 loyal Rays fans who attended Monday's game at the Trop. Is there any better reason than that to relocate to Tampa? R.R. Brown Tampa Neither foolish nor stupid The lack of logic of liberals continues to amaze me after three-quarters of a century on this earth. I keep reading all these comments about Paul Ryan railing against the stimulus and then accepting some of the money for his district. Progressives think this shows hypocrisy. I think it shows what is called good, common business sense. Just because someone wants to do something foolish and give away money does not mean I'm foolish or stupid enough not to accept it. As grandma used to say "A fool and his money are soon parted." Bob Allen Apollo Beach Seek the truth To Cindi Conti ("Obama law," Your Views, Aug. 20), who wonders why there is "no outrage" against the claims she makes against "tyrant Obama:" There is no outrage because there is little, if any, truth to any of the claims she lists. Unfortunately — and very sadly for America — many of these claims are encouraged by one news service in particular, and especially by demagogues associated with that news service. These people must care more about their media image and the ability to rile up people than they care about America. If you really are "fair and balanced," I encourage you to check out such outlandish statements at respected search engines such as http://www.snopes.com/ or http://www.politifact.com the next time you hear something inflammatory. You may approve or disapprove of findings, but at least you will know the truth. Then you will truly be outraged at how some individuals are allowed to get away with spewing nonsense and half-truths. Caryn McDermott Tampa
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