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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Party of denial

Party of denial

Regarding “Where is GOP’s integrity?” (Your Views, March 31): Where is the integrity? Surely you jest. There is no integrity in the halls of Congress or the White House.

Granted, the Republicans aren’t anywhere near what a good political party should be, and they lie, but come on, the Dems are the party of denial. “I don’t know,” “pass it and read it later,” “you can keep your doctor and current health insurance, period,” and the use of the IRS to punish political foes, to name just a few.

If it wasn’t so tragic it could make for a good sitcom. Most folks who aren’t looking for a government freebie are sick and tired of this scenario. They want a good economy and good jobs, period. Isn’t it time for all candidates to run on their own credentials and ideas instead of being part of any corrupt political party? Gee, what a novel idea! Enough is enough. Just do something that benefits our country and not yourself or your party for a change. Get to work to do something positive!

Samuel DuLaney

Tarpon Springs

Three right back at you

Regarding “Where is GOP’s integrity?”: I am amazed at how clouded Fern Williams’ thinking is. Although there isn’t one politician who doesn’t lie, by far the Democrats have taken the lead. Let’s see — Benghazi, NSA spying, Fast and Furious, etc. All this is from the Democratic administration led by the liberal president, Barack Obama. If Fern wants to point a finger, she better remember that three are pointing back at you.

Ann Carletti


Right on

I was really impressed by your editorial “17 reasons to love the Rays” (Our Views, March 31). I never thought that much about it, but you were right on 17 times.

Max Brandley


Motive questioned

Regarding “Pot claim angers mom” (front page, March 29): After the unannounced visit to her home by a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy investigating allegations of child abuse brought by the Florida Department of Children and Families, Renee Petro said, “I feel like this was a violation of our rights. It feels absolutely insulting.”

This was much more than a violation of rights. It is nothing short of persecution by DCF using the HCSO.

Why is DCF so interested in a caring mother trying to help her severely ill child, when it has been so lax and negligent in other cases of extreme child abuse, some so severe that it resulted in the death of several children? It’s hard not to think that this abuse of human rights is politically motivated. This is America, not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

John Swift


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