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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Obamacare works

Obamacare works

In less time than it takes to drive from here to Orlando, with far less peril but merely equivalent frustration, I was able to assist two middle-aged women without health insurance obtain reasonably priced Affordable Care Act insurance — as advertised.

Without access to continuing health care since the great recession, their multiple treatable pre-existing conditions worsened and threatened their very existence. I am happy that they will again have access to continuing care, preventative assessment and lives freer from physical pain and unwarranted anxiety because of Obamacare. This is admirable shorthand, in spite of what Luddites, ideologues and Cassandras would have you believe.

Although Medicare for all would be fairer, until then anyone with an income of above $11,900 a year would get great relief from enrolling promptly. If you are truly poor, childless and live in Florida, you are on your own. You should move to a more enlightened state or take former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm’s option.

Woods W. Rogers III, MD


The silent majority

Paula Dockery does a fine job of outlining the virtues of the new political middle that both parties are now moving toward — which is the new American pragmatism that is patriotic, proud and not wishy-washy (“The silent majority,” Views, Oct. 20). But she does not mention any hunger for legislation that would reduce gun violence, still a consistent Democratic goal. Perhaps it’s because of her Senate vote for the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law and firearms preemption that destroyed all remaining gun control laws in Florida. This issue is still stuck to the far right with no help from Republicans such as Dockery, who sings the praises of the new center but won’t budge an inch on gun violence prevention issues.

Arthur C. Hayhoe

Wesley Chapel

The writer is executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Inc.

Only a celebrity

Regarding “Clinton’s awards a plus for political future” (Nation & World, Oct. 20): Hillary Clinton’s trophy case may include several awards that the lefties hand out to each other in what can only be characterized as grade inflation run amok. Her career of resume building is no different than that of a mediocre junior high school student who joins the chess club to dress up his resume for college application purposes when the student has not even grasped the basics of checkers.

Even the Nobel Peace Prize has been completely debased by being awarded to a kleptomaniacal terrorist (Yasser Arafat), and to a political huckster (Al Gore) who parlayed a scam, i.e., global warming, into a personal fortune.

When Clinton testifies under oath as to why she allowed American citizens to be murdered at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, then she might be a legitimate candidate. Until then, she’s just a celebrity with no qualifications and a resume based solely on having married a political hack with even more raw ambition than she has.

Jeffrey P. Meyer


Breast cancer journey

As a 10-year survivor of breast cancer found with a mammogram, a co-facilitator of the Tampa Bay Breast Cancer Support Group, the mother of a daughter, and as someone who professionally works with organizations and individuals to take a proactive stance with their health, I am disappointed and appalled that The Tampa Tribune’s 4you would run a two-page, wire opinion story such as the one Oct. 19 (“Here’s why I won’t be getting a mammogram”). I realize the writer, Christie Aschwanden, has the right to her opinion, but to run this type of story during Breast Cancer Awareness month, when the focus should be on accurate information for everyone to consider, is beyond disappointing.

At minimum, another article explaining that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force study has been challenged by many, including the AMA and the American Cancer Society, should have been included. So, the appropriate thing to do was to offer both sides of this story. These organizations, along with many others, clearly have a different opinion on the recommendations regarding mammograms, not to mention those who have been through the journey of breast cancer. Unfortunately, not everyone who read the article will do their own research, and the impact will serve as another excuse for women who fear having a mammogram.

We are very fortunate to live in a community rich in great doctors, hospitals, the latest mammography equipment and resources. Perhaps you would want to consider running a story that portrays the other side of this issue and also includes local resources that can speak to the difference it makes for the journey of cancer with early detection.

Diane McMillen


Advice: Look elsewhere

Regarding “Medicare open enrollment” (Your Views, Oct. 17): I had to laugh at the not-so-subtle solicitation of business by UnitedHealthcare. I and everyone I know personally who has that company’s “Advantage” plan has had their specialists “discontinued” for coverage as of 2014. What are they soliciting business for? I would suggest that all seniors look elsewhere.

Mike Jones


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