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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Obama and middle class

Obama and middle class

President Obama takes an inordinate number of vacations that are costly to the middle class in taxes. He pretends to care about the middle class, yet spends their money lavishly.

There have been numerous instances of the Obamas spending outrageous amounts of money on vacations. They take trips together and separately, and it is not uncommon for them to use different aircraft, which doubles the bill.

I know there are any number of people who are tired of hearing about these expensive trips. I wonder when our Sen. Bill Nelson is going to stand up and voice an objection.

Nelson also talks of helping the middle class. Here is an instance where he could save them some money. Or is this what we can expect from a Gov. Nelson?

Paul Farley


‘Rogue’ attorney general

Eric Holder, our U.S. attorney general, seems to think he is the supreme lawmaker. He gets to pick and choose what laws he wants to enforce. He is as crooked as Lombard Street in San Francisco. He should be fired. Examples:

He lied to Congress when he said he was unaware of the spying on reporter James Rosen: Let’s not forget, he signed the order.

Then there is “Fast and Furious,” with blood on his hands. He has recused himself from the IRS scandal.

We are still waiting for him to make the White House produce the documents on Benghazi.

He was all ready to investigate George Zimmerman, even after a Florida jury found him not guilty. Now this rogue attorney general has decided that our courts and law enforcement should basically ignore anyone with low-level drug possession. Really? Just what are our law enforcement officers supposed to do? Weigh the drugs first? See just how big the meth lab is before closing it down?

OK, I get it: Maybe there should be a lower sentence for these low-level criminals, but that should be up to the courts, not Holder.

Cindy Conti

Apollo Beach

Saluting ‘Glory’

As an American I felt the need to express my freedom of speech when I saw the advertisement for the movie “The Butler.” I will not be going to the movies. This movie is the wrong direction for America now. I feel Americans need a new, fresh, nonracial direction. We can start by looking into our own history.

I would encourage every American to rent the movie “Glory.” I was never so proud of the black soldiers on the front line of the Civil War. Their courage and love for their country touched my heart and soul. They knew they were going to die, but they gave their lives for our freedom.

There are no words to describe how I felt watching them proudly walk, head up, chest out, into battle. I could not stop crying.

D. Russell


The costs of illegals

Regarding “Overlooked benefits of fixing our broken immigration system” (Our Views, Aug. 15): Again, you are promoting amnesty for illegals so that business can hire cheap labor, saying this will solve the economic problems of Social Security and Medicare. You are wrong for so many reasons. First, you must deduct the cost of 27 percent or 28 percent of our convicts who are immigrants; then you must allow for the costs of millions of Americans who have been either killed, raped, robbed or molested by illegals. Don’t forget the diseases and drugs brought into the country, or the jobs lost to illegals and the money sent out of the country.

If you go to the Center for Immigration Studies (www.cis.org), you will learn the facts, including that legal minorities want the illegals to go home, which is contrary to what you report. Print media is losing readers everywhere because it supports the establishment and not the people. Your failure might cost you your business, but it could also lead to a civil war. Read the Constitution.

Andrew Wallace


Vote of no-confidence

In my 80th year, I am completely amazed at the lack of real economic recovery. Nine-hundred-thousand jobs created so far in 2013 is a pathetic number after four-and-a-half years of President Obama’s leadership, and 700,000 jobs are part time, with 200,000 full time.

In my life, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman and Bill Clinton all handled productive economic growth through tax cuts for everyone.

The oil and gas industry has the greatest number of new employment in the past four-and-a-half years. Why strangle this group with EPA regulations that stymie growth? We have become the regulation nation that doesn’t create jobs for anyone.

Obama runs around the country speaking to young adults about the economy — his economy. He cannot guarantee these young adults that they will find employment under his economic policies, and that is very sad. We are simply leaderless.

This is the first time in my 80 years I don’t feel supportive of my president. That’s sad.

W. Dale Ferguson


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