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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: New philosophy needed

New philosophy needed

Regarding “Four things leaders should take from our time in Afghanistan” (Other Views, Dec. 4) by Scott Mann about the Village Stability Operations concept: I would caution your readers to remember that a similar type of program was initiated in Vietnam but did not create enough success for us to affect the war positively. The concept, named the Combined Action Program (CAP), was implemented by the Marine Corps early in the conflict and lasted until nearly the end of our participation. Although it resulted in some successes, it never could eliminate all interference by the enemy, and had the unintended consequence of fostering an attitude of reliance on the Marines rather than on the local villagers and their militias.

The major problem with North Vietnam then was that their philosophy of life — i.e., Soviet-style communism — was incompatible with anything we were trying to implement. We couldn’t beat the North Vietnamese because we were not prepared to suffer the number of casualties to implement democracy. Unfortunately, Middle East Muslim extremism is just as incompatible with democratic concepts today.

Perhaps we need a new philosophy on how to deal with the people of the world who hate democratic nations. Rather than trying to convert them, we should try to convince them that attacking us will result in retaliation that will be much more severe than the damage they do to us or our infrastructure. In effect, we could learn a lot from the Jews in the Middle East, as they have been dealing with a culture of hate for centuries and have learned how to cope with it.

James McClelland


A gift for elected officials

Merry Christmas, elected representatives, government employees and contractors. Nice cost-of-living raises and benefits you awarded yourself for 2014. Guess what I got? For 2013, higher taxes, an inflated cost of living, no cost-of-living increase in Social Security payments, and a lower standard of living.

For 2014 I will be getting higher taxes, more inflation, a reduction in my Social Security check, and another reduction in my standard of living.

Come November 2014, my gift to you will be a “no” vote for your re-election or election to any another office. I pray my fellow taxpayers will turn out en mass and give each of you what you deserve — unemployment!

Robert Young

Plant City

Legal-savvy kids

Regarding the Metro story “Not just a dump” (Dec. 2): I found one line very disturbing. An 8-year-old boy said, “Some day, I want to ride in the back of the garbage truck, but if I did my parents would probably sue.” What kind of society have we become when even our children are aware of the potential for a lawsuit? So sad.

David Feeney


Obamacare driver benefit

There is benefit to be had with the Affordable Care Act for Florida drivers. With the mandatory insurance requirement in the ACA, I believe it will make the required purchase of Personal Injury Protection in automobile insurance unnecessary. All drivers will be insured for medical care resulting from an accident by Medicare or Medicaid or by purchasing a health insurance policy.

With the advent of mandatory insurance beginning with the new year, the next session of the Florida Legislature can eliminate the PIP requirement, saving Florida drivers millions of dollars.

Harry Chamberlain

Spring Hill

Warnings from Detroit

It’s not too difficult to predict what is going to happen if we don’t get a handle on our national debt and deficit spending, and we don’t have to just look at Europe for the answer. Look at Detroit. It was just determined that the city can declare bankruptcy, and the pension system is on the chopping block. Detroit has been in the control of Democrats for years.

If you want this country to go the way of Detroit, keep electing Democrats to Congress and the presidency in 2014 and 2016.

Terry Larson


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