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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: New material needed

New material needed

It seems like I’ve heard this before (“The right way to put together a federal budget,” Other Views, Oct. 31). First, after 51⁄2 years of the Obama administration’s shepherding national spending, let’s blame George W. Bush for the current administration’s poor fiscal performance. Second, let’s accuse Republican lawmakers of not caring about “working families, the elderly, children, the sick and the poor.” Although you know it’s not true, it’s always good to demonize those who don’t agree with you. Third, let’s make the corporations “pay their fair share.” Everyone knows they are breaking the law, so let’s get them. Or are they just using the existing tax code to their advantage? Lastly, let’s really tax those evil “ rich” people because they can afford it. This always plays well with the “class-envy crowd.”

Is this how you develop a federal budget that “is moral and makes good economic sense”? Or is this the preferred path to the redistribution of wealth that is so coveted by progressives and socialists? And by the way, I’m really tired of the building jobs, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and expanding educational opportunities sales pitch used by the current administration to sell the “stimulus” to the American people being used over and over again to make your progressive agenda sound so noble.

Once again, where are the solutions other than the same old “tax the rich” scheme? You need some new material — this stuff is over-used and worn out.

Jerrold Cheesbro

Sun city Center

Educational piece

Good job! Your piece from Kaiser Health News on Oct. 31 (“Health insurance notices raise questions”) is a great educational piece on the basics of health insurance and how it relates to Obamacare.

My working career consisted of 38 years in the life and health insurance business, so I have a pretty good grasp of insurance principles. It’s difficult for healthy people to accept the fact that they are being required to subsidize the unhealthy insureds. Ironically, we do not hear so much from the older folks on Social Security and Medicare who are also being subsidized by the younger workers. I would especially recommend the Kaiser article for all members of the tea party even though it is doubtful that they comprehend much common sense.

Joe Green


Limousine liberals

The image of workers hopping railroad cars to go from town to town looking for work to survive during the Great Depression comes to mind as I read about Thonotosassa resident Alex Sink making her move to Pinellas. Sink is hoping to snag the U.S. representative job recently vacated by the late Bill Young. Of course, the professional ruling class has a different mode of transportation — limousine liberals that they are. Citizen representatives or professional political guns for hire? Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

Randy Shannon

Plant City

Skateboard madness

The Tribune’s recent article on the controversy surrounding the renovation of Perry Harvey Sr. Park accurately portrays the disgraceful process that is taking place to resolve the impasse created by a skateboard group’s ploy to seek “historic” status for the so-called Bro Bowl, which was built in 1978. The company hired by the Housing Authority to resolve this impasse portrays the problem as two equal competing historic claims in need of a compromise. This is ridiculous. The claims are not equal. The memory of slavery, segregation and the destruction of the black-owned Central Avenue business district far outweighs the preservation of a concrete bowl for recreation.

Black slaves helped build the city of Tampa and with Emancipation settled in the area of Harvey Park. Central Avenue became a symbol of the resiliency of the black community during the nearly 100 years of segregation. That’s historical!

I urge the city of Tampa to honor its commitment to portray this long and difficult history in Tampa to the fullest extent possible in Harvey Park. The city’s intention to build a brand new skateboard bowl was the compromise, and it should be honored also. To do otherwise is to dishonor the legacy of those black citizens who persevered through slavery, segregation and “urban renewal” that brought the destruction of Central Avenue.

J.J. Hartman


Sick to stomach

As a 67-year-old male I should now be a Democrat because of Social Security, etc., but I have paid into the system 50 years and understand that I am the “second month” of the baby boomers. I agree with a number of the other party’s politics and hate the wars we could have avoided over the decades by continuing to be the policemen of the world. I cannot accept 537 people running 316,981,700 lives, are fully vested for retirement after one term in office, approve their own raises, and are exempt from Obamacare and many other programs. The worse part is we elected them.

We have a huge issue involving Michelle Obama. Her Princeton classmate of 1985, Toni Townes-Whitley, helped her company get a no-bid, exclusive contract for up to $300 million to build the Obamacare website. How can someone get a no-bid contract for this kind of money? I am sick to my stomach, accepting that you must be a crook to be a politician, and sicker that we are a country that acts like sheep.

Chuck Collova


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