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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Nelson's record

Nelson's record Regarding "Keep Nelson in U.S. Senate" (Our Views, Oct. 20): You were selling your position reasonably well until you got down to the very end, where you closed with "we also know we can trust him to listen to all Floridians and work hard on their behalf." My coffee went up my nose at that point. Sen. Bill Nelson has a well-documented record of voting in lock step with his president, not the majority of Floridians. His enthusiastic support of Obamacare in defiance of Florida's wishes remains a matter of public record that neither he nor your editorial position can erase. B.W. Tuton Brandon
A vote for Reid The Tampa Tribune encourages Floridians to send Bill Nelson back to the U.S. Senate. However, voters need to remember that a vote for Nelson is a vote for Harry Reid, and that is a vote that will send us over the fiscal cliff and back into recession. Were Nelson returned to the Senate, his first action would be to vote for majority leader — Sen. Reid, the man who has systematically blocked action on the budget. After that, everything else Nelson might do will be essentially irrelevant, because Reid is responsible for the gridlock in the federal government. The House has sent bill after bill to the Senate. The Senate is supposed to debate the bills, make changes it deems necessary, pass its version and then representatives from both houses meet together to come up with a compromise. That's how things get done. But Reid refuses to bring forth a Senate version or even a vote on the House version, so nothing gets done. According to current polling, the House will remain Republican; however, if several Democratic Senators are replaced, the Senate could switch to Republican, and sensible measures designed to grow the economy could be passed. Connie Mack could make the difference between recovery and a double-dip recession. Dale O'Leary Avon Park Out of touch The Tampa Trib's endorsement of Kathy Castor and Bill Nelson could not be more out of touch with struggling families here in Tampa. U.S. Rep. Castor singlehandedly tried to ruin Tampa's cigar industry and U.S. Sen. Nelson seems to want higher and higher gas prices with his foolish votes to kill safe oil-drilling and gas exploration. To say that these two liberals are spending like drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors. I only ask that Castor and Nelson start to put themselves in the taxpayers' shoes. Give us the exact same health care and retirement these two liberals have. They are not better than the people in this state. We told them "no" to Obamacare, and they both voted for it. Jim Kwid Tampa Very sad for future I was astounded to read the letter "Mack wins" (Your Views, Oct. 20). I too watched the Connie Mack/Bill Nelson debate last week. I was struck by what little substance Mack had, other than accusations directed toward Nelson. When Sen. Nelson rightly brought up Congressman Mack's acts of filling bills to benefit a New York hedge fund manager who stands to gain billions from the bill, and others to benefit Chevron oil, both major contributors to the Mack campaign, Mack's only answer was a smug, and "you must have looked up someone else." It's in the Congressional Record, congressman. No wonder Nelson became so frustrated with Mack. As he said, "How can anyone debate a person" who continues to make things up, makes assertions that bear no relation to reality and then denies what he has done for his own benefit? I too am furious that such lies and distortions are simply allowed. Worse, some listeners are completely taken in. Overall, this leaves me stunned and very, very sad for the future of America. The Tribune's endorsement of Nelson is spot-on. Caryn McDermott Tampa
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