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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Necessary changes

Necessary changes

The approval rating of Congress is at an all-time low. Many respected legislators are retiring or not running for re-election. The general consensus is that our government is dysfunctional. Is there an answer to fix this? Probably not an easy one, and probably not just one. The underlying zeitgeist is that we the people are not being represented. Our votes don’t count. Special interests have an overwhelming influence on our legislators. Our voices are being drowned out. The tsunami of money that’s poured into our elections has made a mockery of our democracy. The people don’t like it. The legislators don’t like it. They spend an inordinate amount of their time dialing for dollars when they’d much rather be tending to the people’s business.

One proposal to address is an amendment to the Constitution that would say: 1. Money is not speech. 2. Corporations are not people. If, in fact, money is speech, doesn’t it follow that the more money you have the more speech you have? How is that an equal playing field?

As far as corporations being people, in the words of a veteran: “I’ll believe a corporation is a person when I see one in a body bag”.

Rhana Bazzini


Accept these children

Immigration has become a nasty word to many people, even though it is complex and complicated. For instance, the lead story nowadays is the children who are coming to the U.S.

This discourse needs to be put into perspective. Over the past few years the number of children trying to enter the U.S. has been less than 100,000. We are a nation of over 315 million people, so 100,000 is a minuscule number in comparison. I find it appalling that anyone is asking for men with guns to go to the border to stop those children. What kind of nation have we become? Has the Statue of Liberty lost its meaning?

These children are the best Central America has. They are the ones who are willing to die, to face mistreatment and rape to reach their goal. They are driven, tenacious and determined to succeed. We should welcome them with open arms and provide them with the opportunity that only America can bestow: food, shelter, education and jobs.

There are plenty of jobs in America if only Congress would learn the lessons of history and follow the policies of President Eisenhower. He ended the Korean war, achieved full employment (which continued for decades), and started the process of paying down the debt. If those policies were implemented now, we would have plenty of jobs for these children, and we would be saying “Send more because we need to fill our many job vacancies.”

We can’t wait on Congress because members are not acting like leaders. We need to start by accepting the children into America now and pushing Congress to do the right thing and follow our lead.

We are America! Lets act like it!

Al DiSalvio

Sun City Center

Administration pandering?

Is the Obama administration pandering to a certain segment of Hispanic immigrants at the expense of other Hispanics?

My memory is seared by images of jack-booted storm troopers prying little Elian Gonzalez out of the arms of loving family, after his mother had risked her life to give him the opportunity for freedom in the United States.

If I were a Cuban-American, I would be incensed by the hypocrisy of this administration, which is so willing to accept any “Elian-come-lately” after a precedent had been set by the Clinton administration under Attorney General Janet Reno in this travesty of humanitarian justice.

Does anyone other than me remember?

I was so incensed with my church, the United Methodists, which supported this “humanitarian” effort to return Elian to his father, that I faxed in my resignation to church offices.

Where are these border children’s parents and why does the Obama administration not care about parental rights? Or are those passé?

Lunelle Siegel

Temple Terrace

IRS workers should pay

The U.S. District Court, in late June, ordered the U.S. government to pay $50,000 in a settlement to the National Organization for Marriage after admitting the IRS gave the group’s tax information to the Human Rights Campaign, which in 2008 used the information to attack the N.O.M. group publicly.

My question is: Why are you and I paying this settlement, through our taxes, when the information was leaked or transmitted, inadvertently or not, by specific persons in the IRS?

Why aren’t individuals of the agency, some of whom received bonuses, responsible for the damages?

Irwin Schuster


Weather Center