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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Morgan blowing smoke on marijuana law

Stop blowing smoke

John Morgan of the Morgan and Morgan law firm may be blowing medical marijuana smoke up some people’s rear ends, but not mine. I’m 61 years old and have been around the block more than once. I’ve traveled extensively around the world and have seen the detriment an open drug culture produces. I feel for the plight of his brother, but I’m more concerned about the fragile development of young minds and the effects of mind-altering reality escapes. It has been my experience that marijuana is the gateway drug that opens many other doors of deception. I’ve been clean and sober for quite a few years, and I share my experience, strength and hope in meetings, as do others all across this state, nation and world. Morgan, you have plenty of money to move you and your brother and family to Colorado. Please don’t forget to take Charlie Crist with you.

R.R. Brown


Packages mailed late

I want to thank the letter writer for “A warm thanks to UPS, FedEx drivers” (Your Views, Jan. 2). I have worked for a UPS call center for 13 years. The real problem behind packages not arriving on time is not UPS or FedEx. As a customer service representative we get the complaints. So do the poor drivers working long and hard hours.

The problem is customers ordering their Christmas package too late for delivery on Christmas. The snowstorms around the country can cause a delay. That is something unforeseen. That is why those companies encourage people to ship early. When you see a driver please give them a great big “Thank You.” And when you call about your package please don’t take it out on the customer service rep. They are doing their job the best they can.

Anita Young


Headline too big

I’m absolutely incredulous about the Dec. 31 front-page headline “SACKED!” in a type size one would expect to be reserved for “THE WAR IS OVER.” Really? A coach loses his job because he’s inept, and the owners of a team with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake act to protect their interests, and that’s the most important news in this country? Let me help you understand why I’m livid. The media was granted a special place in this republic by the Constitution. For the past five or six years or so, political intervention in the free market system that made this country the greatest ever has devastated it. You carry the AP and administration lies about the unemployment numbers, but I’m not buying. And no one can complain because you’re “the media,” which was, by design and special privilege, supposed to be curious and probing into government actions? To tell you the truth, I’m in favor of revoking some of the perks provided to media’s special place in our society by the Constitution since members have shirked their responsibility to investigate and properly expose government excesses.

Wayne Hays


Appeal welfare decision

Regarding “Drug testing law for welfare struck down” (Metro, Jan. 1): As a taxpaying, hard-working citizen, I urge Gov. Scott to appeal this judge’s decision. I am tired of the free rides on my back for people who cannot feed children yet always have money for beer, cigarettes, and drugs. As a baby boomer, I know firsthand that Lyndon Johnson meant well when he wanted the “Great Society.” But Judge Scriven, let’s get real. We now have generations of people whose “career” has been to live off welfare. How long can we who are working sustain these folks? I have just about all the free rides on my back that I can sustain.

Cheryl Kelley

Winter Haven

Fire Glazer family

The Tampa Bay community is nothing more than a lucrative cash register to the greedy Bucs owners. The Glazers provide nothing to this area except grief. My wish is we could fire the Glazer family and get an owner in here who has class and cares about our area. Sadly, my wish will not come true. The Glazer kids who run the team wouldn’t be able to find a job anywhere else.

William Alexander


Olympic confusion

I am confused after reading about the people who will represent the USA at the Olympics. It seems that Russia, where the games will be held, does not allow gay people to adopt children or teach children about gay people. So we are sending a delegation of gay people to represent the USA? What does this have to do with the Olympics?

Peggy Gonyaw


Remember real heroes

Seriously, The Tampa Tribune can’t come up with a better front-page story than Ric Flair, retired pro wrestler, is in town? Call me for some new ideas. I would probably tell you about Burt, a soldier just back in town. He was in the Middle East for the second time in recent years. He is just one of many. Or how about the cops, fire rescue and health professional who worked every holiday since Thanksgiving, missing family events and special dinners?

Rod Reder

Land O’ Lakes

Weather Center