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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Missing an opportunity

Missing an opportunity

As a former health care administrator (VP, TGH, 1983-93), I have problems with parts of the Affordable Care Act. I am amazed, however, at the lack of leadership in the GOP in not proposing five to seven changes/legislation to improve the law. We are all for affordable health care for all, correct? The GOP is missing a huge leadership opportunity.

Ross P. Alander


Where’s Nelson?

A simple question I wish you would ask Sen. Bill Nelson: Where are you, now that Floridians are losing their medical coverage? Why don’t you recommend to the president and his HHS secretary that regular citizens get the same permanent waivers as the collective bargaining groups? Are you going to help us or let this continue, where even more of us will lose our coverage next year when the mandate for businesses kicks in? What about the promises?

Has anyone heard a peep out of Nelson? He voted for this monstrosity — now he should fix it.

Debbie Jackson


Litter indiscretions

There is an atrocious amount of litter along the fence in the rear of the Pasco County Tax Collector’s office on U.S. 19. This is a county government entity, correct? Then why doesn’t the county clean up its own backyard first before going out and fining our citizens for their litter indiscretions?

Don Jacobs

New Port Richey

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