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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Miley on the front page? Disgusting

Disgusting Miley

It is really a shame that you put disgusting Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke on the front page of the paper. Teenyboppers do not buy newspapers, adults do. Maybe that’s one of the reasons there is such a decline in sales. I would rather read about decent, caring stories and not such trash. If I wanted that kind of story I would buy one of the trashy papers.

Ruth Pierson


Sleeping giant awakes

Not a day goes by that something new about Obamacare is not reported. Whether it is this administration’s efforts to generate support of the younger generation whose enrollment is crucial to the success of the plan or the dire reports of policy holders having their long-held plans canceled, the news isn’t positive. Regarding the former, the younger generation has finally shaken its lethargy and ignorance of the ramifications of the law and is balking at the prospect of paying for the insurance for the older generation. The older generation is aghast at the fact it is losing insurance it was comfortable with at a time when that insurance is most needed at a reasonable cost.

Instead of comparing himself to past presidents, President Obama may be thinking he might be more like Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto when, after his attack on Pearl Harbor, said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve.”

Ted Waronicki


Skewed values

How is it that Bill Maher can curse and denigrate Tim Tebow and Christianity and have no suspension even considered, but Phil Robertson gets an immediate suspension for citing his Bible-based beliefs?

Oh, I forgot. Bill Maher is considered to be god-like in this new liberal society, whereas anyone who would accept Leviticus as gospel is now considered to be the devil himself.

Hugh Perrette


A simple question

Put aside all the problems with the Obamacare website.

Think about both Democrats (who voted for the law) and Republicans (who did not) telling you that we are headed for a “train wreck” and ask yourself one simple question.

If there has to be a Wounded Warrior Project to care for our veterans, how are you going to be treated as an ordinary citizen should you, your children or your parents contract a serious medical condition and have to rely on the same government-run healthcare system that inadequately addresses the needs of people who put their lives on the line for their country?

jerrold cheesbro

Sun City Center

Red-light signs

Why doesn’t this area do what many I have driven through do? A certain distance before there is a traffic light there is a warning light that a traffic signal is ahead and to be prepared to stop if it changes from green to red. Then drivers are warned and can have no excuse for getting caught going through the light. There also should be a fine for the “rolling stop” at a right turn light or going through an intersection.

Martha Matz

Sun City Center

Cutting vets’ pensions

Congratulations to the bipartisan congressional committee that reached a budget deal. Only in Washington, D.C., can politicians on both sides of the aisle feel good about raising taxes, increasing the deficit and at the same time reducing the pension benefits to American veterans, including those wounded and disabled in defense of their country.

The budget deal approved in both chambers calls for a $6 billion reduction in benefits to our veterans. Out of a $1 trillion budget, the Congress saw fit to cut pensions of our heroes, while leaving intact benefits to civilian workers and retaining $360 billion dollars in welfare, health and education benefits to illegal immigrants. This I suppose is in the name of fairness and social justice.

In addition to these cuts, the Congress ignores the $17 trillion dollar debt, adds $33 billion to discretionary spending, no entitlement reform, raises fees for airline passengers, and cuts the deficit by $23 billion over 10 years, hardly making a major dent in the nearly $1 trillion annual budget deficit. Any illusionary savings will be deferred to some unspecified future. Another job well done, Congress!

Josef Horowitz


Pot vote dishonest

Don’t kid yourselves folks, this drive to legalize marijuana has nothing to do with medical reasons. If it did, they would be asking for THC to be sold at drugstores or prescribed by doctors in pill form. It is about smoking dope. Every person I have seen asking for signatures was not someone who was interested in medical marijuana. Every state that has legalized pot has seen an increase in illegal use. I would have more respect for these people if they had the nerve to at least tell the truth and say they want to legalize dope smoking. If you want to know what will happen, look to Colorado. It is out of control there. Legalizing pot is like toothpaste, once out of the tube, it ain’t going back in.

Les Rayburn

Dade City

Weather Center