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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Message to electorate

Message to electorate The GOP couldn't have picked a better theme than "You didn't build that," quoting our left-leaning president's recent slip-showing gaffe. There is no better message to an electorate struggling with trying to understand why our moribund economy can't get back on track. A president whose ideology prevents him from understanding that we can never help the folks who sign the back of a paycheck (or would like to again) by attacking the people who sign the front of them is clearly unfit to lead the nation with the preeminent economy in the free enterprise system. President Coolidge understood this when he famously remarked, "The business of America is business." President Obama is locked into a government-centric belief system that subordinates the private sector in the shadow of a gargantuan public sector. It will always be difficult to shine in the shadow of a behemoth such as we've allowed the federal government to become (which is still way too small for Obama's liking).
Dwayne Keith Valrico A repeat in Charlotte I read with interest Gary Gibbon's letter ("GOP Olympics," Your Views, Aug. 28), wherein he decries the real purpose of the RNC as being for the Republican politicians and their supporters to pat themselves on the back, especially since the nomination of Mitt Romney was a foregone conclusion established several months ago. While I have to agree with the questionable need to spend an inordinate amount of money for the RNC, I will proverbially pick up the hand grenade thrown by Gibbons, pull the pin and throw it back. September 4-6 will see the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte doing the same thing. That is, unless someone tells me there will not be any representatives there from groups such as House Majority PAC, Democratic CREDO Super-PAC, Goldman Sachs or any of the other financial heavyweights that fund the Democratic side of the monstrous political wheels in the United States. Does anyone, anywhere doubt that President Obama will be the Democratic candidate? Why have either of these events? Regardless of the party or the candidate, I cannot help but wonder how much real good could be accomplished with the gross amount of money spent on this election campaign. As for me, Election Day cannot come soon enough. Andy Staley Temple Terrace Advice for protesters Attention RNC protesters: I may be in agreement with everything you are saying, but you are attempting to say it from the wrong platform. You want change? Be a part of the solution, not the problem. You have travelled to Tampa this week with your personal agenda(s) and in doing so have only created a few jobs — the several additional people the city will require in order to clean up the litter you will leave behind. Those few additional jobs will pale in comparison to the costs of the additional law enforcement presence that has been required to ensure that your protests remain peaceful — to assure not only my family's safety but yours as well. You accused our city of appearing as a police state on Monday due to the fact that law enforcement greatly outnumbered your appearance. What you were actually seeing were proud, hardworking men and women simply showing up for work and doing their jobs keeping the city safe, while a little bad weather kept you hunkered down under your tents. You want real change? Get a job. Contribute to your hometown community. Volunteer your time to charitable causes. Pay taxes and vote. You will capture the interest of those around you, and they will hear you. You will make a difference. You will see a change. As a small business owner in the Tampa Bay area, I work hard to earn a decent living for my family. But due to your arrival here this week my cost of doing business has escalated. I spent more time on the road consuming more fuel in order to re-route my commute to accommodate you. Yet after contributing at least 10 percent of my income to my church, I will spend the remainder in my community, adding to the local economy and thus creating additional jobs. I will be making a difference. And when I speak, I will be heard because those around me will want to listen. Keith Venning Seffner American dream I had a dream last night. I dreamt that Americans listened respectfully to each other, even when they disagreed. I dreamt that our media really was impartial and objective. I dreamt that people looked to themselves when they failed and adjusted their thinking and behavior. I dreamt that people did not envy those who had more than them or looked down on those who had less. I dreamt that Americans once again became Americans. Why not? R.J. O'Rourke Dade City Dave Christie? Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry used to be funny. Why doesn't he just say he is a "white-guilt" voting Democrat instead of trash-talking Tampa. Maybe he will be the Dems' Christie at their convention. Tom Kitchen Wesley Chapel
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