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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Market won't play

The only option Regarding "Cyclone of uncertainty threatens entire state" (Our Views, June 1): My homeowner's insurance, held by a national company for more than 15 years, was canceled for no reason. I had never made a claim. I searched for commercial insurance, finally finding a company that said it had a policy that would cover my home for about $200 less than I had been paying. I rushed to the office. We went over the policy. One clause stated it was void in the event of a "Named Storm." It seems the policy was written by an unregulated, out-of-state company. I ended up with Citizens Property Insurance Corp., not because it was cheaper but because it was the only valid insurance I could get. I'm paying about what I was paying with the private insurer. Citizens wasn't my least expensive option; it was my only option.
Free-market competition doesn't work if the free market doesn't want to play. Fern Williams Zephyrhills Let them sweat Regarding "Activists want parks at RNC" (front page, June 4): Who is Jared Hamil? He sounds like a communist sympathizer. Who the hell is he to demand anything and threaten city and county government that if his group doesn't get what they want, "we will have to shut down major intersections" and "shut down all of downtown" Tampa? I get sick and tired of these protesters who don't contribute anything useful to the community or their country. I don't see why in the world we have to put up with it. Here's a great idea: The convention is in August. Have the police round up these protestors, put them on the field at Raymond James Stadium and leave them there during the convention. They only need a little food and water. Let them swelter in the heat and sun for five or six days, and then see how readily they want to leave and never darken our doors again. I get sick and tired of people who do nothing more than stir up people and have a mob mentality. We don't need that. Richard Hardesty Seffner A clean operation Tampa Electric is proud of our outstanding record of environmental stewardship. Because of that, I would like to set the record straight in response to Lynn Ringenberg's column on Monday ("Time to clean up coal ash," Views). Tampa Electric's Big Bend Power Station is one of the cleanest coal-burning plants in the country. In addition to having some of the lowest air emission rates, the plant also has had no impact on drinking water supplies. We have implemented extensive environmental controls to continue to protect these precious resources. Tampa Electric has five ponds in which we store the residual products from the coal-combustion process, such as ash. All of the ponds are fully lined and safely protect drinking water from potential contamination. We also go a step further by recycling 97 percent of these byproducts. This is a remarkable accomplishment, representing one of the highest recycling rates of any major power plant in the United States. These byproducts are used in cement and wallboard, roof shingles, fertilizer and in the sandblast industry. In the past three years, Tampa Electric has recycled 3 million tons of byproducts that many other utilities would normally dispose of in a landfill. This recycling helps the environment by conserving natural resources and valuable landfill space. And it helps Tampa Electric control electric rates for all our customers. Plus, it benefits economic health — not only regionally but globally, as these products are used internationally. These programs reflect our desire to serve our customers in the most responsible manner possible, with a focus on sustainable, cost-effective processes that minimize environmental impact. Gordon Gillette Tampa

The writer is president of Tampa Electric.
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