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Friday, Oct 20, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Liles and damned lies

Lies and damned lies Regarding the sequester "crisis," our faith-based nation seems vulnerable to all manner of misinformation. The fallacies seem born out of lies, damned lies and government statistics that are whimsical flights of fantasy created by politicians for the consumption of the gullible and malleable among us. Unfortunately, this seems to be the majority of the population. It is mind boggling the government can deceive us on so large a scale and do so repeatedly, yet our faith seems unswerving. Americans seem to have lost their ability to reason; it is as if the majority are zombies stripped of their minds perhaps by government-run education, military indoctrination, Keynesian economics, and breads and circuses that distract us from reality. The population is easily manipulated into believing the government is the solution rather than the problem. With only a little introspection and objective thought it becomes apparent that fear is the tool used to manipulate the people into believing the behemoth we call our government is necessary. Few realize the government is the tool of the power elite now used to enslave people. Our politicians have become the unwitting puppets of lobbyists and government cronyism, and by our support we have become slaves of our government. The government has become a tool for the redistribution of wealth from the productive to the idle. It is another big-government lie that the sequester will cut the national debt by $85 billion this year. It is an even bigger lie that the cuts will create havoc if imposed. The truth is the budget cut produces no savings at all. It doesn't cut the national debt — it merely decreases the size of the debt increase. Even if the cuts remain in effect, the nation's debt will increase by a staggering $845 billion (CBO), almost four times as fast as the economy.
Meanwhile, the only entity known to man that can actually create something from nothing has us on a bullet train headed down a mountain into the abyss. Yes, the Federal Reserve (a private corporation), which has a monopoly granted by the federal government that has just been renewed so they may do another hundred years' worth of damage, ironically creates $85 billion every month in new money to buy mortgage-backed securities and government bonds. Meanwhile, boobus Americans are distracted by a reduction of the same amount, in future spending over the next 10 years. It does not take someone with a college degree to see there is a problem, especially when one considers that Keynesian economics, the failed economic system, is the source of our economic blight. Henry Pierson Odessa Headed toward disaster I am sick of the partisan wrangling over the deficit and national debt. The Republicans want to cure the problem by cutting spending, but only on social welfare programs, while leaving defense spending untouched. Few people realize the United States spends more money on "defense" than the next 24 highest-spending countries combined. At the same time, the Democrats operate under the illusion increasing taxation on the upper class, back to pre-Bush tax cut rates, will take care of the problem. The truth is, we are headed toward an unmitigated financial disaster. With the possible exception of a few years during the Clinton administration, the United States has spent more than its income for decades. All the various interest groups want to protect their share, leaving other groups to bear the pain of any cuts. Both the tea party and the Occupy Movement see and object to the insider actions, although both would be loath to acknowledge their similarities. Anyone in Congress with at least average intelligence realizes we are in an impossible situation but are going to stay in the game until they can get their pot of gold. Meanwhile, the country stumbles its way toward the inevitable disaster since we are, and have been for years, spending between 20 percent and 40 percent more than our income. The only real alternative is to cut spending and raise taxes on everyone. Will it hurt? The answer is an obvious yes. There will be a recession, as we wean our economy away from the military-industrial complex spending Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned us against in his 1960 farewell speech. But it's better than the alternative. Dorsett Bennett Lutz Higginbotham's opportunity Regarding "Commission seat may hinge on recent votes" (front page, March 5): So two votes cast in February 2013 will outweigh all of the actions taken over the past six years and the next two as Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham runs for countywide commission District 7? That seems like a tremendous stretch. I've known Higginbotham for more than 12 years, and the traits that have always stood out the most are his humility and desire to "do the right thing." Those characteristics, coupled with his thoughtful service to the people, are why he's already, 20 months ahead of the election, being endorsed by some of the most noted leaders in Florida. It's important to remember he's running for an open seat. He doesn't have to defeat an incumbent. As it stands, he'll be running against whichever of the two liberal Democrats currently registered with the supervisor of elections wins the Democratic primary. His task is to convince a majority of voters that he'll be a better representative of all the people in the county. With the number of Republicans and conservative independents, no-party-affiliations and Democrats in Hillsborough, he's got an excellent opportunity to continue his service. Terry Kemple Valrico

The writer is president and founder of the Community Issues Council.
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