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Monday, Sep 18, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Liberal fiscal policy

Liberal fiscal policy Regarding "Advancing the case for fiscal liberalism" (Other Views, Feb. 25): Dr. Jason Wilson's "case for fiscal liberalism" entices the uninformed with appealing arguments while ignoring very troubling details. He asserts four times that such fiscal philosophy — created and administered by the federal government — would "grow a stronger middle class" through "fairness" and "social equality." He does not define fairness, but implies our government can and will do so through implementation of policy — a hallmark of socialism.
I believe that liberal fiscal policy is a major cause of our current social and fiscal problems — classic examples of good intentions with dubious cost/benefit ratios, and unintended negative social consequences. Liberal fiscal policy is generally based on wealth redistribution. A larger middle class can be created as Wilson suggests, but likely by redefining the income levels downward. Adjusting standards is the classic way to redefine failures as successes. I suppose the North Korean government considers their starving, pajama-clad masses as "equal" and "middle class." Our Constitution provides for "equal justice and equal opportunity," not "social justice." As President Jimmy Carter once responded to a despondent reporter's pointed question: "Life … is not fair." Marshall Adams Tampa Money from our pockets Regarding "By expanding Medicaid, lawmakers can leave legacy" (Other Views, Feb. 26): In the upside-down world of Planned Parenthood Inc., only massive amounts of public spending, and Washington politics, will save women from their own mistakes. Tribune editors have treated their readership to another banal recitation of that infamous organization's supposed pieties. No obstacle will remain in its path, either, from my reading of it. From now forth, all American women will turn over the responsibility for "their bodies" to PPI, and the U.S. Congress. The 1960s feminist dogma has so overtaken that group that no dissent, no matter how benign, is tolerated — just ask the nice folks at the Komen foundation. The real icing on the cake — something sweet was needed in a column so drenched in feminist bromides — was Barbara Zdravecky's insistence that it is all free of charge, paid for by others. If fact, she went as far to say that it is covered by the Affordable Care Act. She even said that the money has "already been set aside." Little does she know! There isn't a penny on the sidewalk in Washington, D.C., that hasn't already been appropriated. Whatever Washington spends tomorrow was taken from our pockets today, or borrowed from our children's pockets tomorrow. Unfortunately, some middle school mathematics will reveal the obvious: If America's next generations of productive citizens are thrown away via the birth control and abortion policies of Dr. Margaret Sanger's legacy, there will be no one to pay the taxes. Jim Parker Lakeland Promoting intolerance In the many years of Boy Scouts being in existence, the policy of openly gay individuals not being able to enter is an outrage, along with the people who agree with not allowing gays in the Scouts. Not allowing gays to enter the Boy Scouts promotes intolerance of other groups of people not similar to one's self. This seems like an odd policy to promote since the Boy Scouts are in place to help young people in the world have readiness tools at their side to face any situation. Corrie Crookston Brandon Wrong choices Why is it we have such controversial nominations to our most important cabinet posts, namely Chuck Hagel and John Kerry? Perhaps President Obama, who never served in the military, wonders why some of those who served turned their backs on America in spite of their military service. Millions served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and in other wars and conflicts. Most Americans cannot fathom turning on those of us who served our country because they were inspired by those who served and came before us. One of our country's most gallant services is the U.S. Marine Corp. I am ex-Army, a Korean War veteran, and I have got to wonder: What happened to the national pride involved with serving your country? Why can't Obama nominate some of those who served valiantly and then did not go on to demean America? Both Hagel and Kerry, in spite of their service to our country, turned around and took issue with America's efforts to make the world a better place to live. I suggest that Hagel and Kerry ride over to Arlington National Cemetery and explain this to those who served and did not come home. Ron Dakin Spring Hill Loaded ice cream? Regarding "Addressing gun violence one bumper-sticker solution at a time: (Chris Ingram, Other Views, Feb. 27): Ingram states: "Banning the sale of ice cream to reduce rape makes about as much sense as banning guns to reduce violence." I have heard of a gun being used to commit violence, but I have never heard of ice cream being used to commit rape. William Schumacher Apollo Beach A hazard The price per gallon of gas is almost $3.80. This is ridiculous. The government should find ways to invest so gas prices could be lowered. People's cost of living is becoming more of a hazard, and gas is probably the most important to people in the Southern part of the U.S. who don't have other modes of transportation to get to a grocery store or to work, etc. When will this end? As a resident of Florida, I see gas going up rapidly, and the only transportation here is either buses or cars. What can be done? Jabari Hayes Tampa
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