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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Let’s study angels

Let’s study angels

Regarding the Hobby Lobby case: Let me get this straight: Corporations are people. Corporations have constitutional rights. And now some corporations can hold religious beliefs!

What this single shareholder corporation would like is a generous government grant to study whether the number of angels dancing atop a pin differs if that pin is floating weightless in the stratosphere of the U.S. Supreme Court versus lying flat on a desk in an ordinary office with male and female employees who all want to be healthy.

Antonina Vaznelis

Weeki Wachee

Questions to answer

What I haven’t heard addressed in all the IRS/Lois Lerner flap is how she gained access to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s letter to begin with. If it was delivered by mistake even to her desk opened, she should have read the first line and realized it wasn’t for her, then promptly sent it on to him.

Since she didn’t, and sought to instigate an illegal audit of the senator, we must ask:

How did she really obtain that letter? Who waylaid it and gave it to her? What other letters, communiques, etc., is she (or the IRS) trolling? I usually eschew conspiracy theories, but these questions beckon an answer.

Dan Coggins

Wesley Chapel

Change can come

Domestically, our southern border is breached daily. President Obama‘s promise to not deport “undocumented” children has opened the door to a humanitarian disaster. Clearly, infectious disease seems to be another unintended consequence of Obama’s invitation, which has diverted our U.S. Border Patrol and law enforcement resources away from their “normal” duties of drug interdiction, gang intrusions and stopping illegals.

Moreover, our economy is not recovering. Our true unemployment rate is the “U6” rate, which is much higher than the advertised rate. Most “new” jobs are minimum wage. The entitlements of food stamps, disability checks and unemployment checks are collectively getting out of hand.

Most recently, Obama (on a fundraiser trip) gathered a political group at a Lake Harriet band shell in Minnesota. He was able to get a laugh or two from his admiring political crowd. Obama’s stand-up act really is not humorous. Tell a lie often enough, and it may seem to be true. Unfortunately for Obama, a majority of Americans no longer trust the silver-tongued president.

And what about the IRS? How can we expect any objective testimony from John Koskinen, the arrogant IRS commissioner who donated about $100,000 to Obama and Democratic candidates? How can we expect any objective investigation from the Department of Justice/FBI chief investigator Barbara Bosserman, who donated over $6,000 to Obama’s campaign?

There is little we can do about Attorney General Eric Holder. However, we can shift the power of the U.S. Senate in November. That is, we can put Harry Reid into the Senate’s minority leader’s seat.

Pablo Miguel


Feel-good measure

Regarding “U.S. inches closer to land mine ban” (June 28): I’m sure our reasons are different, but I have to agree with President Obama on his reluctance to sign a treaty banning the use of land mines. It’s a lot like having a law banning the use of “assault rifles.” It would make everyone feel good but would do nothing to stop the practice by those who have “noble causes,” those who are insane, those driven by their god, those who are defending their sacred “homeland” or those who just want what you have.

The treaty would be signed in good faith by those least likely to use land mines and totally ignored by those most likely to use them. But we could all feel good until the next mine goes off.

Jerrold Cheesbro

Sun City Center

Orchestra history

I was interested in the article “Florida Orchestra names new director” (June 25). The orchestra was first known as the Tampa Symphony and organized in 1947 by Lyman Wiltse, head of the University of Tampa Music Department and the first conductor of the orchestra. There were several name changes in the following years, but the same organization remained. The next conductor was Alfredo Antonini; the next, Irwin Hoffman, was followed by two others; and Stefan Sanderling was the most recent.

I was in the orchestra when it was organized in 1947. I played string bass. My sister Gladys was a cellist.

There are still some musicians in Tampa who were members of the orchestra in 1947. Actually, it is in its 67th year!

Margaret Smith McAlister


Put them to work

The president wants $2 billion to secure our borders — or is it to house more illegals?

We have the ability to secure our borders with our military who are already being paid. Put up signs in Spanish stating if you try to cross, you could be shot.

Really! Is there no common sense left in this country?

So the farmers complain they don’t have enough help. Our jails are full of workers. Send them to the fields under guard. The farmer pays the jail system; the prisoners do something besides watch TV and work out.

Remember: Criminals are supposed to be punished for crimes.

Mary Ann Wuerth


Weather Center