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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Leave Middle East conflicts to Middle East

Middle East conflicts

Why should we not leave the Middle East conflicts to the Arab League and the Middle East countries to resolve? The Arab League has a combined military force and weapons that are as large as that of the United States and they are already in the area.

The U.S. jumps in from conflict to conflict and builds hate and resentment in the Middle East that is unprecedented in the history of the U.S. We seem to be a military force that is ready and available at the beck and call of our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. The consequences of our past actions and support in Libya and Egypt are readily apparent.

We must demand the Arab League unite and take action in policing their section of the world. The benefit will, of course, be that uniting and taking action, they will not be picked off one by one by the Muslim Brotherhood. Without a united force of Arab League countries willing and able to fight for peace, there will never be a Middle East peace.

Protect the U.S. and its borders first and let regional conflicts be decided by the combined forces of that region.

Louis Christodoulou

Apollo Beach

Stop the gushing

Military and foreign policy are probably best formulated in a non-gushing environment. While John Kerry is gushing that France endorses our alignment with al-Qaida, it would be prudent to remember that France’s core military competency is surrendering. The last gushing-driven geopolitical adventure on the part of the U.S. was Mrs. Clinton’s breathless gushing over how American credibility with the “Arab street ” was enhanced by virtue of our proactive support of another terrorist group, i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood. That misadventure did not have a favorable outcome. We are running out of terrorist groups with which to align ourselves

Jeffrey P. Meyer


Support our president

President Obama has now decided to turn over the issue regarding Syria to Congress before he commits the United States to any military action. I think this is the right decision, but not because I am against our taking action. But because, constitutionally, it is the right thing to do. Presidents should not commit our nation to military action unless we have been attacked or we have a defense treaty with a nation that has been attacked.

I would strongly urge Congress ­— especially our senators and representatives — to support the president if the evidence is as reported. To do otherwise brings back memories of the words Neville Chamberlain said to the British people after the Munich Pact with Hitler, “Peace for our time.” In less than a year, World War II started.

I am sure South Korea is worried that if the free world does nothing after Syria’s chemical attack, what kind of message is this going to give North Korea? And Israel regarding Iran?

Let’s hope Congress supports taking military action not limited only to shooting from our ships, but committing other military support if necessary.

Jerome Schine

Temple Terrace

Hypocrisy of killings

The part of my brain that processes hypocrisy is getting a real workout these days as it ponders why it is wrong for President Assad to kill men, women and children with chemical weapons while it’s okay for President Obama to kill men, women and children with drones.

David Brown

Sun City Center

What a waste

I know the saying, “to each his own.” But one thought keeps coming to mind after reading about the new Simpson house on Lake Thonotosassa. What a waste of newspaper space, what a waste of beautiful land, and what a waste of money.

Ann Rhodes

Plant City

No minimum raise

All the screaming on the left about a $15 minimum wage is moot. Most minimum-wage workers are young teens, and if you order a cheeseburger at McDonald’s or any other burger joint and open the bag after you get home and realize you got a fish sandwich with everything you don’t want on it, you know why minimum-wage workers don’t deserve even minimum wage.

And people will scream like a mashed cat when their cheeseburger with no fries or drink costs $8.50.

John Lallemand

Dade City

Bolts are best

Ever ask yourself why the Tampa bay Lightning (games are) almost always sold out while the Bucs and the Rays suffer lackluster attendance? And remember the Bolts games are always televised.

The answer is the Bolts’ marketing team is second to none. They constantly call, email, and mail fans and former fans with special offers and promotions. They will do anything, even give away tickets, to give fans a taste of their product.

Hockey is a fast, rough and exciting game, and though we did not make the playoffs, we have some of the best players in the NHL to enjoy.

Therefore, kudos to the Tampa Bay Lightning with their supporting staff; they have a great product and know how to sell it.

John Mannone


Weather Center