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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Landmark event in Egypt

Landmark event in Egypt Egyptian 'de facto' President Morsi is ousted by the country's military. Remember, Morsi was elected essentially in what I and a number of international security and political experts said was the Muslim Brotherhood's "Political coup d'état against the Egyptian people." By this, I stated, Morsi and his Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, strategically hid behind the guise and veil of the democratic process and the claim of free and fair elections to win in a referendum election last year. Unfortunately, this was as far from the truth - as the world and the Egyptian people soon realized - when Morsi and his political henchmen began enacting brutal and harsh reforms that were nothing more than Sharia Law under the local, regional and international public relations PR facade of Democracy. Egypt's top military commander, Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, stated the military is in control of the country, and President Mohammed Morsi was placed under house arrest. Morsi has been replaced by the chief justice of the Constitutional Court as the interim head of state. The FJP has denied that Morsi was placed under house arrest. Morsi deserves the same fate as former President Mubarak, with one critical exception: Mubarak was forcefully removed in a politically orchestrated move by the Muslim Brotherhood, and with the political support of other international socialist and radical elements. Although Mubarak was somewhat brutal in his treatment of his political opposition, the truth is that most of those who opposed him came from the radical political rivalries and factions, the Muslim Brotherhood and even al-Qaida.
Like former President Sadat who was a co-signer of the Camp David Middle East Peace Accords, Mubarak provided an element of stability and worked with Israel and Jordan to strive for and maintain that stability. Egypt was far from perfect, but in the short time Morsi was in office, his social policies were brutal to even moderates, and his economic policies have Egypt heading down the road to be another basket-case nation. This is a landmark event that should send a message to freedom-loving nations of the world that once again, this is proof that socialists, communists and fascist and radical groups will go to any length to use democratic processes to grab power at any cost - essentially disguised as a political Trojan horse. Now is the time for true democratic processes to come in to play and establish the pathway for the Egyptian people to make that happen. Col. Jim Waurishuk, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) DoverForever etched Regarding the Letter of the Day on July 1, "Praying for a revival," it is clear that Roy Rood's faith-based perspective leaves much to be desired. Rood says he re-read Robert Bork's book "Sodom and Gomorrah;" actually, the book is called "Slouching towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline." In his book the Supreme Court wannabe attacks, among other things, individualism. Rood proceeds to ask, "How do we get the culture back?" He makes the misguided assumption that "51 percent ... like the culture the way it is" because they voted for President Obama. One could just as well make the argument that 51 percent voted against the war in Iraq, against the war in Afghanistan, against Guantanamo, against the Patriot Act, against torture, against corporate bail outs and for women's reproductive rights, etc. This is not to say that I do not agree with Rood in the broader sense that nothing will change, but for different reasons. As long as the two-party monopoly exists and is bought and paid for by special interests, some things will not change. Obama has made it clear that the military-industrial complex still controls our misguided military and foreign policy. The special interests that control our government still use Keynesian concepts to guide our failed economic policy. Both parties still trample all over the Constitution and individual rights. But we should be careful what we ask for since Rood's flawed perception of reality and revisionist history would have us believe my generation (I served in Vietnam) voted for Reagan to abandon our evil ways and that we "found Jesus." Those who protested against the war and the draft protested for individual rights and against an unconstitutional political war that did not serve the American people. Seems Rood has forgotten that President Reagan waged a cold war against a paper tiger while tripling the national debt in his unwarranted arms race against the "evil empire." Reagan created more debt than all previous presidents combined. Since Rood believes prayer works, he should pray Obama doesn't follow in Reagan's footsteps by tripling the national debt. It would appear Rood has taken a page from Reagan's playbook when he suggests that giving money to conservative politicians will bring about a revival. Yet history does not back up this mistaken premise. Obama's twice-elected predecessor was responsible for two wars, hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare, prescription drug benefits, etc., that doubled the national debt under his administration, and he created trillions of dollars in unfunded future liabilities. I think we had it right in the 1960s when we got off our knees and did something about injustice. It was a renaissance of sorts. Little did we suspect the changes we brought about - women's' reproductive rights come to mind - would once again come under attack. Rood is right - a renaissance is what is needed now, as was needed then, but not one that will take us back to the dark ages of repression. Where are John Lennon, Peter Paul and Mary, et al.? The lyrics of their songs are forever etched in my mind. Still, "young men go marching off to war," and I still "Imagine, there's no heaven . no hell below us . nothing to kill or die for . and no religion, too" and still, I "imagine all the people living life in peace." If I thought prayer worked, that's what I'd be praying for. Henry Pierson Odessa
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