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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Interest rates a downer

Interest rates a downer

Low interest rates are killing the economy. There are millions, if not billions, of dollars not being spent because there is no return on savings/CDs/IRAs. The fed is concentrating on the banks and Wall Street. They are both soaring. It is a Ponzi scheme so large you can’t see it.

There are vacations not being taken, cars not being bought, cable services being cut, homes not being kept up, and shopping trips being canceled — all because we get no interest on our money that we worked our entire lives to acquire.

The interest rates were a normal 5 percent forever. People were buying cars and homes before at those rates. Now, heaven forbid raise the rates. The banks have enough money, and Wall Street is at record levels, while Main Street is sliding downhill and no one can figure anything out. So keep doing what we are doing even though it does not work.

Let the people get some money, and they will spend it and reinvest it back into the economy of the United States. The rich and the banks just sock it away — or invest it overseas.

Deflation — heaven forbid. Things get cheaper — oh no, that would be horrible. For crying out loud, don’t let prices go down. People would buy stuff and stimulate the economy without government doing anything. We can’t let that happen.

If you are in a hole, please stop digging.

If rates go up, dollars and spending go up. It’s really hard to figure out.

Rick Guardado


Managing our affairs

Regarding “For the people” (Your Views, Nov. 12):

Fern Williams states that the current governor bought the seat with $73 million of his own money. Good. I wish we had more politicians with skin in the game. Consider the politicians we have who are elected using other people’s money. With every stance they take, every vote they cast, and every cause they espouse in speeches and editorials, all you need do is look closely behind them and you’ll see the curtains move — movement caused by those they’re beholden to who direct their every move.

Gov. Rick Scott has pretty much done what he ran on and what the citizens of Florida wanted and felt they needed. For instance, the Medicaid expansion, another liberal skylark to garner more votes from the dependent class. It would have brought more of a tax burden on us all. Bill Clinton funded tens of thousands of police jobs throughout the country for three years, but you never hear that since the funding stopped, most of those positions have been eliminated. The burden fell to the constituencies who received those “freebies,” and they cannot afford them.

This country is supposed to be a union of states — states free to conduct their own affairs. We’ll manage those local affairs we know best how to handle to meet the needs of our citizens in our state. In other words, Rick Scott is a governor who serves the citizens of Florida as the country was founded — unlike Bill Nelson, who continues to tout Obamacare, immigration reform and on and on. Who does he represent? Certainly not Floridians.

Wayne Hays


Nightmare’s authors

I know that voters have short memories, but I do hope that everyone who voted for Kathy Castor and Bill Nelson will remember that they supported and were therefore instrumental in passing Obamacare. There were no Republicans, not even the more liberal ones in the Northeast, who voted for passage of that law.

We can all thank Kathy and Bill and their big-government buddies for the abomination they have foisted on the United States. Lost your insurance yet?

No matter what happens going forward, there has been more than $1 billion wasted on Obamacare, and it is nowhere near doing anything the Democrats said it would do, but it is doing most of what they promised it would not do.

It is wasting the time, money and energy of the American people.

It is causing immeasurable uncertainty in American families and in our job markets, and it is undermining the world’s best health care system by destroying the private health insurance industry of America and convincing some doctors to stop practicing medicine at the point of a government knife.

It will continue to distract Congress from focusing on passage of a logical budget and reining in the U.S. deficit — yes, these things have to be done by mid-February.

Don’t forget next November who brought you this nightmare. It was 100 percent Democrats — Democrat bought, sold (with lies) and not quite delivered.

Dan Puhr


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